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  1. This is just a prepared texture "BLUR.jpg" built into the shader: warp_1 = `sampler sampler_BLUR; warp_2 = `shader_body { warp_3 = `ret = tex2D (sampler_BLUR, uv); warp_4 = `}
  2. 3.mp4 2.mp4 1.mp4 Interesting effect...
  3. This is a question rather to @maxmp, because libraries need to be edit. It is possible to apply a texture with a shader. One question is whether to do it in some way dynamically, or to include this feature in each visualization. I am rather for the second option.
  4. I don't know how to overlay a white background without affecting the entire image. But! It is possible to invert all colors "bInvert=1" then re-invert the colors spectrum if necessary. Do it simply using the website https://encycolorpedia.com/
  5. Hi guys! Waiting for a cool visualizations by Hakan Like it! Support the author!😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_8Oxmg-hss
  6. His videos are made in Adobe After Effects Poweramp visualizations are not videos!
  7. Use only _t _b or _l _r, together they do not work bars_thr = 0.5 - position where threshold color starts For example: "PowerMilk - Classic" bars_thr = 0.7 bars_thr_color_t=0xFFFF0000 bars_thr_color_b=0xFFFF0000 bars_color_t=0xFFFFFF00 bars_color_b=0xFF00FF00 To get a smooth color transition, "set bars_color_t" and "bars_thr_color_b" parameters to equal. "PowerMilk - Classic soft" bars_thr = 0.4 bars_thr_color_t=0xBFFF0000 bars_thr_color_b=0xBFFFFF00 bars_color_t=0xBFFFFF00 bars_color_b=0xBF00FF00 d
  8. I have plans to make an open editor with the publication of personal visualizations, maybe someone can implement something like this
  9. No, milkdrop doesn't allow it.
  10. Mobile processors do not fully support the x86 architecture syntax. Because of this, many visualizations do not work or work crookedly.
  11. Milkdrop can use a texture, but how to dynamically connect albumart to a shader is a big question. This is a question for @maxmp
  12. This is Soar 2, that's right. In horizontal mode.
  13. Сhange the color of the spectrum is possible, application for this will be released soon. Standart visualizations are also possible, I think about it.
  14. NATURE Poweramp VISUALIZATION was updated up to 11 cool viz. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nature.Poweramp.vis
  15. ICE Poweramp VISUALIZATION was updated up to 11 cool viz. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ice.Poweramp.vis
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