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  1. Hi Thanks for your response and apologies for the late reply I have tried the PA 957 build and have changed the AVRCP settings (it was set to 1.5 by default, I changed it to 1.3) this has worked for the most part but the only issue I seem to be having now is that certain album art isn't displayed, I have downloaded the album through PA and the album is on PA but not when connected via Bluetooth do you have any guesses why? Regards Rosh
  2. When connecting to my car via Bluetooth Album art doesn't display, the seek bar says 00:00 out of 00:00 and the tracks always say it is out of 41. Is there a setting to change to resolve this I'm on the Pixel 7 Pro My build is Build-956-bundle-play [956005-33f0b133] Full version 64 bit Regards Rosh
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