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  1. the second one is more like a ''pure output''. Note that if you're using something like DSP manager or Viper4android, like Nicklst said, it will bypass it. I did a lot of tuning with ATHM50 headphone and viper4droid, with a nice convolver driver, and subjectively, I like more the sound from viper4droid, even if my phone is compatible with HD output and I run FLAC files.
  2. I've just tried it, and in my case, its working just fine if the app is on screen. (oneplus5 oos8.1) Indeed, it wont work its in background. But did the V2 was working like that? can't recall. All I know, is I also have issue with button input. Let say I'm on the radioFM app , and I need to change the FM station with remote, Poweramp starts... and Poweramp is closed/paused. v2 didnt do that.
  3. what makes it work or not? people have reported that OnePlus One and Oneplus 3t its working. But not on OnePlus 5 (stock OOS 8.1, snapdragon 835) nor OnePlus 6. On my OPO5, stuck at ''actual : 48khz'', slected 192khz'', and sound is cutting when enabled. edit : nm, viper4android was overtaking it.
  4. I have the same issue with a xtrons 4gb 8.0 oreo OS. - New V3 update kicks me out from other app and start playing song when I change ''track'' with the steering wheel button (just like double click I guess). BUT it wont do it if I'm on the home page. I.E. on home, I can change FM station like normal. If the radio.apk is displayed, changing FM station will start Power Amp... - Songs file name appearing in the background wallpaper. I've deleted the widget, changing launcher, changing wallpaper. Nothing's working. - We can do A2DP with Poweramp ?? If yes it could be great since xtrons A2DP app is very bad.
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