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  1. it will be possible that to close Poweramp I have to do with other external applications such as non-default player, while with version 2 all was well? but we can solve this question thanks
  2. This application is very trout, Bluetooth does not work, nothing works in substance
  3. even my dasaita px5 same problem, possible you can not fix this bug, too bad to go back to version 2 which is years that is not updated?
  4. even with the latest version is the exact same thing, I have to disable Bluetooth from Poweramp
  5. good evening with car tablet device android dasaita px5 ore or I have a problem with your Poweramp version 704 application, in practice it creates conflict with radio video app and Bluetooth not making them open. the problem is solved only by disabling multimedia buttons for headphones ... so I no longer have the steering wheel controls ... why?
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