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  1. build-942-bundle-play [942004-2e1a3604] Pixel 4a Android 13 So you launch some songs, lock the phone or turn display off, and after track switches you turn display on, look at the lock screen player and see no album art there anymore, nor in notification area. And if you interact with lock screen player controls and switch the track back on forth, it will remember to read album art and will display it again: https://i.imgur.com/ZTqbKlx.mp4
  2. Album art is not displayed when connecting to the car via Bluetooth. My car is kia sorento hybrid 2021. Please tell me how to set it up.
  3. Hi all, when I try to set album art for my music, it doesn't show me any options and when I pick an image from my gallery, it doesn't take effect. I've done all standard things like clearing image cache, data, reinstalling etc. and the issue persists Anyone got a fix?
  4. Recently i delete album art photos on my all songs with other apps. Now i want to add all album art on my all songs so i allow 'Download Album art' option in Poweramp. Its add all album photos automatically on my songs successfully. But when i moved my songs in computer there is nothing on album art. It looks empty 😢. I want to know that there is any way to save album art permanently on songs with Poweramp? If your answer is no than tell me any app name.? Please
  5. Poweramp can't show the correct embedded album art. Whenever I try to manually correct it the other songs in the album have their album art get changed as well.
  6. Hello, I'd like to ask for a problem fix. I have couple of albums that have the same name and Poweramp seems to not differ them well. For example, Saxon's "Sacrifice" was released in 2013 (that's what metadata in audio files says) and Motörhead's "Sacrifice" was released in 1995. However, when looking at both bands' catalogues in "Artist" category, Motörhead's album appears way later than it should've been (I'm using release date order), and both album share the same covers. It also happens to different artists (Halford's/Venom's "Resurrection" for example). Is that something the app's creator could look into?
  7. I had a Redmi Note 9 and when choosing album art 'Pick From Gallery' one touch and I would be directed straight to the gallery to choose, and the thumbnail size was large enough to see clearly. But I just got a Redmi Note 10 Pro and now when selecting 'Pick From Gallery' I have to make 5 touches to get to the gallery to choose and the thumbnail size is so tiny I can not see them to choose. Is there away to change this back to one touch and to make the thumbnails bigger. In the attachment image the thumbnails are a lot larger than they are on my screen. On my Redmi Note 9 they were 4x larger. Any ideas please.
  8. My download of the Dead Cells soundtrack directly from steam comes with embedded album art, and an old version of the soundtrack showed the album art just fine, but when i updated to their newer higher quality version, the album art was gone in Poweramp.. Yet the art shows fine in my filebrowser, and even in the VLC app? This is also the only affected album I have with this issue, so it might be something specific to this album? So far i've tried deleting cache, deleting the album and reimporting, doing a full rescan, I feel a bit out of options.
  9. I have a galaxy z fold 2 and I have a problem with the app when I use it in landscape mode when the phone is folded open. For some reason Poweramp does not use the landscape player layout that is uses on a regular phone. On my folding phone the album art is rectangular and cut off. I saw that some other users also had this problem with this other folding phones and tablets. This also happens on the default skin of Poweramp. I am pretty sure that this is due to the aspect ratio of the screen. This only happens when the phone is in landscape mode when the phone is folded open. When the phone is folded closed It looks like how it is suppose to look in landscape mode. I once had Poweramp bug out and it showed me the layout of the bottom picture on the bigger screen of the phone, but I could never replicate the bug. I was wondering if you could add an option in the settings to force the phone to use the landscape layout, when it is in landscape orientation.
  10. Running Poweramp (Full Version) build 911 on Android 11 on a OnePlus 7T. The album art search/picker dialogue does not show up when trying to access it on a song from the search view. I don't really know anything else to add.
  11. I have pro version of app on Samsung Note 8. None of the album art has been downloaded. I activated the pro version 6PM 12/18. No wifi problems. Wifi speed greater than 250mghz. I am using same app on Note 20 and album art started downloading immediately. Anyone have a solution?
  12. Poweramp displays low quality album art in the notification, happens with entire music library. Attaching screenshots from Poweramp main UI and Spotify notification for comparison. Phone: realme x2 Android 11 Poweramp version: build-911
  13. Would be nice if the album art menu for tracks/artists/playlists/etc. would display the image that Poweramp is currently using (i.e. If one had previously been chosen from library, if it could display it the way it does for embedded covers & in-folder images, or if the current image in use is embedded or in-folder, if it could indicate so.)
  14. Build: build-905-arm64 (both play store and official site's versions) Hi guys, I've been having this issue since I switched to android 11. I want to enable lockscreen background album art blur. The issue is that the blurred image gets sent to the notification as well (check pics) Custom ROM: CAFEx v2.0 (Happens to all of them) Device: Redmi Note 8 (link to image, the default upload image didn't work for some reason)
  15. Hi Poweramp Forumns, I noticed this issue and I looked everywhere in the settings if I could set the way album art is displayed in different phone orientations, however I could not find anything, so I believe this may be a bug. I've uploaded some screenshots of the issue. The album art that is displayed in landscape mode is not consistant, some show the full art 1:1, some show as cropped. See below for exmaple: I wanted to display the Album art as 1:1 in landscape mode so you can see more of the visualisation in the background. Album art is normal in portrait. I am using the Z fold 3 as an awesome display for my Naim MuSo Gen 2 and noticed this yesterday. Anyway to stop the album art from zooming in on landscape mode?
  16. There have been a few occasions where I am looking for a high quality copy of a particular albums art. All my sources, albumartexchange, fanart.tv or just Google either have nothing or very low quality. On some however I can ask Poweramp to look for that particular album art and it finds a really great high quality copy, I'd like to be able to download these copies so I can embed them into the file. Can anyone help with my strange request?
  17. Hey Everyone, I really have been enjoying Poweramp since the early days. If you haven't purchased it yet, you're missing out. I strongly feel it should be the de facto player in all Android builds, but that's not why I'm here today. Long story short, I've had to "downgrade" my device to something that only has 64GB internal storage (ridiculous in today's standards, I know). I'm expanding my storage with a 128GB SD card that should bear the majority of the brunt in terms of storage. With this in mind, my music would almost always reside on the SD card, for obvious reasons. What is the chances that we could possibly have a future update that would allow us to specify the path where Poweramp should store the downloaded album art. I'd like to have HD album art downloaded, but I fear it would fill up my internal space considerably. It would be quite helpful to be able to specify the folder or path that would allow me to have everything dumped onto the SD card. Other than that, great job with the app. I bet you never saw it grow this big. Just outstanding work, honestly.
  18. Poweramp version: build-905-arm64-play Device: Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) Android version: 10 Steps: I had an album by artist Katharsis with album name "666" already in the Poweramp library: Added a new album by artist KAT that also have the album title, "666". When using artist view and entering entry for KAT, the artwork that is displayed in the album list is the artwork for Katharsis' 666 and not KAT's 666: When playing music from KAT's 666, the correct artwork is displayed, but when going back to the "track list view" for current album, the incorrect album is displayed at the top: I've tried picking the correct image from gallery several times but it just won't change, so not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it is a bug. Not the biggest thing, but thought I'd report it anyway.
  19. Help Dev of Poweramp, As I have began to use PA for more daily listening shifting from Neutron, I found that it cannot display some of the album art I embedded myself from ripped CDs. It is something in the 1300x1300s and is shown properly on other apsp. Like Neutron and Mango Music Player. But Poweramp says there is no embedded image and won’t show it in folder hierarchy nor in the track. What could be the problem? The art is definitely there as it is also shown on the desktop when I embedded it and checked to make sure it shows in both VLC and MPV. Thanks! Info regarding device: iBasso DX220MAX build-893-arm64-play Full 64bit Android 8.1.0
  20. I have a large library of mp3 and flac files with album art encoded using ID3 tags. The album art displays fine in the Poweramp app and in the menus of Poweramp in android auto, but not in the main song screen of android auto. I can, however, get the art to display for an entire album in the main screen if I go into the app and manually set the album art for one song on that album to the embedded art. I can reproduce this bug in both my android auto head unit and the android auto app. v3-build-864-arm64-play Full Version Motorola One Zoom Android 9
  21. Poweramp has such a great engine to search/generate album art. I also use "album art downloader (pc) and Poweramp is more accurate with minimal effort. I would love to see an option to embed the found/selected jpg's directly in the mp3 files if the user wishes to do so (with an overwrite option). Currently doing it through hoops, loops , scripts and mp3tag. This would be easier and more reliable, especially when changing one album art/file on the go. Fingers crossed 🤞. Thanks
  22. I have hundreds of songs downloadad from Nokia store. None of them are showing album art, tags and info in the Poweramp player. They all work perfectly with other players like Google play music, Samsung music etc. I sending you the music files, please look on to it. (To email: Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com )
  23. I lost my downloaded album art and edited info/tag of files every time I reinstall Poweramp. Please add an option to embed the edited info/tag and downloaded album art to the music file itself.
  24. Hey all, I just downloaded Poweramp this week, and it's been great. However, I finally got to use it with Android Auto today and when I skip to the next track about 50% of the time the album art doesn't change, it just keeps the art of the previous song that was playing. I've had other apps do this briefly, where it would take a few seconds to load before changing, but Poweramp didn't change the artwork until the second song ended. The quick solution I found was to skip forward to another track then go back and the art would reset. Additionally, if I skipped two songs forward instead of just one the problem never happened. Is there something I can check or uncheck in the settings to make this not happen in the future? Poweramp build: v3-build-866-arm64-play [866994-d7e07d05] Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note9 OS: Android 10
  25. I have an album with two side, two different album arts, and I transferred it from PC to phone and they were labelled properly with each sides has its own album arts. Just right now I accidentally changed the album art of one of the song in the album and now each sides has been affected with my action. Now the case is I deleted my music files, copied it again, and it won't detect embedded album art. I uninstalled it, cleared the cache, and made sure of my tagging format, it just won't be as usual. Please help.
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