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Found 44 results

  1. I lost my downloaded album art and edited info/tag of files every time I reinstall Poweramp. Please add an option to embed the edited info/tag and downloaded album art to the music file itself.
  2. iTunes supports these tags which it uses to sort Artists and Album Artists. That lets you sort an artist like "Sage Francis" by last name, under F, where he should be. So, great to have the option to use such tags for sorting.
  3. beautyspin

    Tune Announcer

    Hi - There is an app in google play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.softwyer.tuneannouncer&hl=en_US) that uses the simple lastfm scrobble intent to announce the song information before the song plays. This will be useful when user (I) use the phone by keeping it my pocket as I do not have to check the song details everytime the song changes. If possible, please incorporate this feature. I am a paid user and also a beta tester. Thanks in advance
  4. ro55mo

    Not reading ID tags?

    Build is rc-build-799-play although this issue has existed in v3 since I upgraded. I have just not posted about it before. Phone is a Nokia 7 Plus running Android 8.1 The issue is that not all of the tracks tags appear to be read by the application. Please see images in linked folder. But all of the tags are present and correct and can be read by other music players. https://nextcloud.manymachinesonix.net/index.php/s/BLmtSEFy3MRxQ5G
  5. Hello, I love the lyrics Poweramp lyrics feature. Most of my songs I added the lyrics with foobar. The foobar player makes it possible to add tags like unsynced lyrics. This works very good for me. But some lyrics are not shown completely in Poweramp. When I'm looking in foobar the lyrics are complete, but Poweramp stops showing at some random point. In most cases the lyrics are very long. Are there some limits? (only XXX characters?) Why Poweramp is not showing the complete lyrics, that are saved?
  6. Hey, it would be nice if tags for a whole album would be editable: so album name or interpret name and so on.
  7. flyingdutchman

    Top Rated in Library

    One of the users of my app was confused that the totals in Top Rated did not reconcile with those actually held in the pa database. To illustrate, Poweramp shows: : but when running New Playlist Managers, Rating criteria the following shows: which is confirmed when running an sql statement against the same database: Question: what does the Top Rating represent?
  8. rolaqosta

    Full m4a support

    Please @maxmp give us a full m4a support. I thought that would come with the new version. M4a album arts and track info don't display. The only thing that displays is the file name no info on the track is shown on power amp but on other small players that can't even be compared with power am they are displayed( as shown in attachments) Please add this feature please. Thank you
  9. Hello, I do not know if you know Metatogger, this excellent tag editor that works with Windows. It offers many functions to do mass treatment. Among other elementary functions, it allows to introduce embedded covers but also lyrics that will automatically load from the database Wikia.com Everything is fine when I get these tags with Poweramp except for lyrics. When I use the Poweramp "lyrics" feature, I get the message "no lyrics found in the track tags" Who could give me an explanation Who could tell me how introduce lyrics in Poweramp Is there a possibility to recover the lyrics that I registered with Metatogger? Thank you for help
  10. Hello Poweramp forum, lately I was messing arround with ReplayGain tags for my music collection. I use MusicBee to analyse my average audio level and write properly ReplayGain Tags to my FLAC files. But I do not know how Poweramp treat those Tags. I created three copies of a song. The first one has no ReplayGain Tag, the second has a tag to "in/decrease" the volume to 0 (-89dB) and the thrid has an increase of +6 (95dB). All tracks have the same loudless, when the ReplayGain is turned off. After I enabled the ReplayGain function, all tracks had different loudless volumes. In my settings every pre-amplifier was set to 0, for tracks with and without ReplayGain tags. So my track without the ReplayGain tag should have the same loudless like my tag with the +0 replayGain tag, but the track without the gain is much louder. Why? Can someone explain to me how this setting work? I am new to the audio world and don't have much experince, so my apologize if I made here some mistakes. Thanks for reading.
  11. Hi, Poweramp lacks this very basic feature. There are lots of thread on the problem, but tldr, Poweramp does not parse multiple genres separated by ;, / or whatever. Instead, it just reads 'Techno; Dance; Electronic' as a single genre. Foobar2000 android already has this feature. It has been suggested at least since 2011. 6 years later, Im still not able to find a proper answer from the devs on this issue. Would seem like a small fix, if the codebase is flexiable enough. Switching to foobar2000 till this is fixed. Thanks for a great music player.
  12. This has probably been requested before, but it would be nice if Poweramp could properly read tags with multiple entries. For example, the problem I'm having is with genre tagging. I use MusicBee to organise the music on my PC and it lets me put say "Blues Rock; Punk Blues; Alternative Rock; Garage Rock Revival; Garage Punk; Indie Rock; Folk" for a genre tag, then the track is listed under each individual genre eg. "Blues Rock". The semi-colon acts as a separator. Problem is when I sync to Poweramp I end up with "Blues Rock; Punk Blues; Alternative Rock; Garage Rock Revival; Garage Punk; Indie Rock; Folk" as it's own distinct genre. So artist too artist if the genres are not exactly the same .... well I now have about 112 genres, mostly overlapping (eg."Blues Rock; Punk Blues; Alternative Rock; Garage Rock Revival; Garage Punk; Indie Rock; Folk" and "Folk; Blues Rock; Punk Blues; Alternative Rock; Garage Rock Revival; Garage Punk; Indie Rock", so it has become a useless way of organisation. Currently I don't really use the genre features of the app, hopefully this will be improved in the future. This also probably bothers some with artist tagging as well. Such a Great App Otherwise
  13. When I try to edit my tags it bring me to my file system... I don't know whether it is a bug or a problem with my device. I am using a galaxy s7 (not edge) running Android 6.0.1 and Poweramp version alpha-build-703-play (full version) In the images when I hit grant access it brings me to my file system... I have cleared all app preferences for opening up other apps and it still insists that I use the file manager. I don't know what to do... that is why I am here. ‚óŹ Also a couple of side notes: ~The lock screen functionality does not work... it works once I am past my system lock screen but not while my device is locked. ~My volume buttons do not work while my phone is locked or at the lock screen and in addition the Poweramp volume only changes by 1% every tick (every time I hit the volume buttons)
  14. Unable to sort the files in the modified decreasing order. It used to work. But it stopped working all of a sudden
  15. Seeing this, even after a full rescan. iTunes encoded version of Momoiro Clover Z's "Battle and Romance (Disk 2) comes up as all question marks in album and song titles and all tag info. Disk 1 is fine. All perfectly readable in other systems from same SD card media. Looks like something to do with long track titles and Unicode. I can provide / share the offending album if necessary.
  16. While editing tags I clicked on genre " I used to type it bymelf mostly " but today I noticed ...that It's blank... Andriod version 6.0.1 V7a 32bit version
  17. How can I tag a whole album by genre not go thru every track one by one
  18. All of my music starts on CD's then is ripped to my PC in wma format and then is transferred to my phone by album. The tracks in most albums are in the correct order but some get put into alphabetic order. This happens even when the track number is part of the track title. If I look at the files of the albums that are out of order in a file explorer I can see the track number in the title but it does not appear in the title as shown in Poweramp. How can I fix this? Thanks.
  19. thamjeed

    Save album art into file

    The downloaded album art are not available when they are send or copied elsewhere. Pls include this feature.
  20. Skitzofreenic

    No tags/info via bluetooth

    I just bought a 2015 Honda CRV with the full bluetooth set up. But it shows NO song tags and info. However it does show in my truck with an older Pioneer car stereo. I did a factory reset with my Honda yet it still displays nothing. But it did when I first hooked it up. Then it displayed the wrong song info while playing something different. It's possible it's the Honda going crazy instead of Power Amp... any tips?
  21. Halk

    Album Artist

    Hi, I've been using Poweramp for a while. It's excellent. However I can't seem to work out exactly what I need to do with compilations to get them to work correctly. Ideally I'd like Poweramp to still see the artist for each track, but also to read the album artist field or something similar and use that for sorting the album and listing it in the overview. Is this possible?
  22. I need to upgrade my memory card and I want the song information I added in Poweramp to be picked up when I transfer the music to a new memory card? Will this information show up or will the song information revert back to what it originally was when I downloaded the music?
  23. Hello, So Poweramp recognizes folder structure and can tell what artist a song is from based on the folder it's in, but three albums of mine don't do that. They end up in the unknown artist and unknown album place. Any ideas why?
  24. Poweramp is the overall best player in the store, and it has been for at leasst 3.5 years (since I started using it). The only thing missing is the export of the rating in ANY way. In terms of automated rating synconisation to a PC the best option would be writing the rating into the tags. I'm using mediamonkey so I'd favor a option to write the rating into the corrosponding field, but any other standard (eg. winamp) would be fine as well. This is one of the most popular requests and it has been around for years, it was even on a todo list FOUR years ago: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1794-Poweramp-todo-listfeatures-in-progress/ Some request threads: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3023-save-ratingcover-in-file/ http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/8079-stars-rating-tags/ http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/5572-settings-exportimport-including-eqtonerating-presets-your-planned-feature-update-information-from-2011-10-18/ You have included a advanced (and well working) tag editor, can't you simply use the same to access the field for the rating? If it's not, please enlighten me why.
  25. I have my settings set to organize in List form by Artist. When in the Genre section, albums with the same title by different artists are comined together under a single "artist."