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  1. May be. I have already excluded PA from all battery optimisations and allowed to run in background. I have also verified, playing other media player in-between does prevents the auto-resume. It looks the media listener was released from PA when other player acquired the media stream.
  2. Thanks. I have verified the resume happens even the notification and player UI are not visible. I did sent the logs via email.
  3. I originally reported it as a bug since Poweramp always resume the playback whenever we increase the volume while working on any other apps too, even when the player notification wasn't visible. As a workaround, it would be better to split this feature into two options, one for Pause and one for Resume, so we can turn on/off specific behaviour based on user need.
  4. Poweramp build number: build-976-bundle-play Device models POCO F1, POCO F4 Android versions Android 10 / Android 13 Custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM) Stock ROMs (MIUI 12 / MIUI 14) Steps to reproduce Goto Settings >> Audio >> Advanced Tweaks and enable Pause/Resume on Volume Play a track Manually pause or stop the track Down the volume to zero (0) Increase the volume from zero Poweramp starts the playback which was paused manually Expected Behaviour: The track should only be resumed if its was previously auto-paused by Poweramp when the volume decreased to zero.
  5. Thanks for the fix-on-the-way! I did try the Hi-Res Output, but some of my Bluetooth devices are not well compatible with it, having some volume level (may DVC) issues, so I chose AAudio which works well, despite this no-resume after call issue.
  6. @Bencherished, I tried moving Poweramp into system app and nearly bricked my device while reverting the app into the normal user app After hours of sweaty palm, finally recovered without any data loss. (issue reported) btw, while running Poweramp as system or system-priv app, I didn't notice ANY sound quality improvements. And the original issue reported in this thread was still there. @maxmp since the audio could be auto-resumed by just toggling the Audio Output settings like no-DVC (still keeping on AAudio output), and the issue happens in different firmware and Android version, I think it can be fixed within the app code itself. I kindly request you to try recreating the issue yourself so you may find the actual underlying problem.
  7. @maxmp I don't think it's a background-kill issue as I already excluded Poweramp from ALL battery optimizations. Moreover, the bug is only happening with AAudio+Bluetooth used together. @Bencherished thanks for confirming the issues is not a device-specifc one. These as the "last processed commands" from call_start to call_end: ================== 10:06:04.142 PSAudioFocusHelper AUDIOFOCUS_LOSS_TRANSIENT PAUSE ================== 10:06:04.286 PSAudioFocusHelper call ring/offhook ================== 10:06:08.836 PSAudioFocusHelper call idle wasPausedByPhone=true ================== 10:06:09.214 PSAudioFocusHelper AUDIOFOCUS_GAIN ================== 10:06:09.717 PSAudioFocusHelper RESUME after call or audio focus
  8. Could we get the status of the feature request? Is it still in consideration or not going to be implemented at all?
  9. Poweramp build number: build-976-bundle-play Device models POCO F1, POCO F4 Android versions Android 10 / Android 13 Custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM) Stock ROMs (MIUI 12 / MIUI 14) Steps to reproduce Choose Audio output method to "AAudio" for "Bluetooth" stream Play audio via Bluetooth ANY device Make an outgoing or incoming call End the call The audio cannot be resumed automatically or even manually (Toggle the output method settings to resume the audio) We have other output methods like OpenES or Hi-Res which don't have such issues. But I prefer AAudio due to its quality and compatibility HD device. I kindly request my fellow users to try to recreate the issue in your devices to see if it occur in some specific environments.
  10. I believe you are referring to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flyingdutchman.newplaylistmanager
  11. @flyingdutchman thanks for your reply. May I have more information or a guide on how to achieve this in Poweramp?
  12. I would like to have the Dynamic playlist feature in Poweramp, that I really miss after migrated from Rocket Player. Dynamic Playlists consists of user defined criterias based on the tag values and other properties. A simple example is: year ≥ 2020 AND genre=pop AND genre ≠ hiphop SORT BY recently-added LIMIT BY 50 This feature help us to automatically update the playlist when adding new songs to the local library. Rocket Player has implemented this feature very well.
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