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Found 6 results

  1. So, there this bug appears sometimes while scrolling through library. As you can see in the attach media, it disappears too after going to 2022_09_09_01_49_03.mp4 main player and then coming back to library. But it appears again. If i open 5-6 times Poweramp in a day, it may appears for 2 times atleast. (This square shaped shade bug only appears in library while scrolling the songs). However it doesn't prevent from clicking on song. This is just a shaded bug. Im Using version build-939 and 64Bit (see screenshot) on Android 11 2022_09_09_01_49_03.mp4
  2. When the app is in Android Auto mode, even though my music library comprehend artist pretty much from A-Z it only loads a part of them (precisely: A to J). Shuffling all the tracks actually makes Poweramp play pretty much all the artists. When the app is in Android Auto mode it follows the "Media channel audio stream" (I don't know if it is the precise name, but basically it is the volume you set when you adjust media sound in Android). This does not happen in all other players in Android Auto. I suppose Poweramp is designed to do so to have the ability of using EQ/Effects and stuff When adding a track to the queue, no title appears. Music does not stop when disconnected from Android Auto Poweramp build: v3-build-820-play Phone model: LG V10 H960A Android Version: 7.0 Android Auto version: 3.9.585064-release Google Play Services: 14.7.99
  3. I'm currently using Realme5Pro Android 9 ColorOS 6 with Poweramp build 905 arm6. The SQ was different from build 835 arm32, maybe I forgot around that ver. It's way more better at build 830+ arm32 on my phone when I use the moded version without any audio shuttering when using dac (I'm using hidizs sonata hd II) and the SQ was somehow boosted and it fit my taste. When I buy the app it was disappointing from every aspect, the audio sometimes paused by itself when using dac & sound quality was reduced. Any tips how to fix it like build 830+ arm32?
  4. Hi, I recently switch to oneplus 8t with android 11. My Poweramp version is 884. I find the colorized notifications will show on my screen automatically even when I didn't open Poweramp, such as after rebooting my phone. And there is a display error in the app (please look the picture below). By the way, Poweramp can't seem to run at 120 fps on 8t, it will get stuck at 60 frames, but it can run at 90 fps on 7t which is android 10. My English is not good. I am very grateful if the developer can fix these problems.
  5. Hi guys. I've found a bug in list option. When using show titles only in list options it is getting applied to whole library. For Ex : Look at the screenshots, I have set "show titles only" in all songs but it's also applied in playlists aswell. But If I disable show titles in playlists it also gets disabled in whole Poweramp library. Please fix this bug. My device - Redmi K30/POCO X2 running Android 10 (Miui 12) Poweramp Version - 833 @maxmp
  6. @maxmp I have discovered something interesting or something broken. While playing music on 24 bit 192 hz the audio quality and volume is very low but when I bring it down to 48 hz the audio quality as well as volume improves. Poweramp build v3 862 arm64 Android 10 Device K20 pro/ Mi 9T Pro
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