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  1. The latest release of NPM has a new cool feature. For each Poweramp playlist it shows its average rating. Also further integration with Poweramp such as playing tracks or playlist by a simple tap Out now on Google Play
  2. I would like to have the Dynamic playlist feature in Poweramp, that I really miss after migrated from Rocket Player. Dynamic Playlists consists of user defined criterias based on the tag values and other properties. A simple example is: year ≥ 2020 AND genre=pop AND genre ≠ hiphop SORT BY recently-added LIMIT BY 50 This feature help us to automatically update the playlist when adding new songs to the local library. Rocket Player has implemented this feature very well.
  3. Probably less of a feature than it is an implementation. Honestly for one I wonder if it's possible and for two I think it would just be nice to be able to I have our liked or favorite songs also be backed up with like our layout settings theme settings and everything else that gets backed up when you export settings in Poweramp to make that backup file. It'd be really useful for when you're switching the phone or you have to reset your phone completely you could just have everything and I mean everything saved to that file instead of just the settings there's also your favorite songs as well so you don't have to basically restart a favorite songs list, you know? If you have a lot of music and you have your entire library on shuffle and you come across all these songs that you really really like that stand out from the rest it's really a pain to have to go back and try to find those exact songs so having the information of the like song list preserved some sort of way within settings would be a great addition.
  4. Hello everyone, I am using playlists, that are locally saved on my phone in the folders scanned by Poweramp (*.m3u8 format). This is due to some problems where my whole library, including playlists, got destroyed a couple of years ago. However, I am experiencing heavy slowdowns when adding songs to these playlists. When selecting "Add to playlist" from withing the song player or when surfing the library, i will get a "Working..." prompt at the bottom of my screen. Sometimes, it takes "just" a couple of seconds, but I already had some cases where i had to wait 30 seconds or more just to add one single song to a playlist. For testing purposes, i created a new playlist from within the Poweramp app, which is using poweramps default format (whatever that may be) and I had no slowdowns there. Not even the "Working..." prompt. I just wanted to ask if that kind of difference between a playlist from disk and a playlist by Poweramp is normal or if there is a technical reason that I don't know about. Technical stuff: Poweramp build 929 (from PlayStore), OnePlus 9 Pro on Android 12 (but I had this problem also with the previous Android 11 version) With best regards, TheTimebreaker / Yanick
  5. Please add more format on Playlist Like cvc and txt
  6. Case: Have played 5 star tracks for decades. Want to hear new good tracks. Action: Check the "rating" filter inside the playlist and specify 3-4 stars. Result: Poweramp now only plays 3-4 stars tracks as filtered.
  7. is there a way to show the songs which are added in the playlist in first position, because the songs when added to any playlist just gets added to the bottom... so I was wondering, is there any way to get a song automatically when added to playlist, without disturbing the original order of the playlist?
  8. Since manually managing my playlists is becoming way too tedious I wanted to switch to filebased playlists. The folder structure on my PC and on my phone are identical. To try it I created a small playlist with 51 songs using VLC player. However, when I move the .m3u playlist to my phone the playlist contains only 5 songs. They are from 5 different albums, even from albums from which I've added multiple songs to the list. I've never really worked with filebased playlists before, so am I doing something wrong? Edit: I've added a screenshot from VLC with the playlist opened. I just dragged all the songs into VLC player and exported the playlist.
  9. Is there a way in Poweramp to display the playlists only with the simple name? So instead of "List_xx.m3u" as "List_xx"....
  10. Does anyone know how to have Poweramp show the Song Title in the Playlist instead of the one from the Tag? Thanks, E
  11. Would be great if there were a way to select all iteams between 2 iteams, akin to shift+select in Windows on PC. Like if you could long-press to select one list entry, scroll down to another entry and long-press that entry to select all entries between the two (including the latter entry), then scroll to another entry and do the same (leaving a group of entries unselected between 2 groups of selected entries) or if you were to long-press that entry (3rd one pressed) select all between it and the last manually sected iteam. Would save tones of time if this functionality could also be used to rearrange multiple playlist entries as well.
  12. The ability to hide file based/external playlists extension type in the title of the playlist like internal playlists, i use file/external playlists because i update the playlist file from pc with musicbee all the time Example: "Lofi.m3u" to show just "Lofi" in playlists screen in library
  13. I am running into an error with .m3u playlist files. Poweramp build-905-arm-play [905004-96b6d050] I am creating the .m3u files on my Mac and then transferring them over to the Android via Android File Transfer. The file structure on the Android (SD card) is mirrored from the Mac. I am certain none of the following are the problem: wrong-way slashes \'s vs /'s mismatched paths SD card access anything random introduced by Android File Transfer So here's the weird thing: I put three files to the playlist file, do the transfers (flacs + m3u), and then attempt to load in Poweramp. In Poweramp, Library->Playlists shows me the new playlist, that is has three files, and that is has about the expected playing time. It even shows the cover of one of the music files. But it still says "Doesn't look like anything to me" and there is nothing to play. I think the issue may be the size of the music files. Smaller files do not seem to have an issue (the ones I am trying to add are full album rips, so therefore 40 minutes and up). Is this a known problem? Are there limits on playlist entries as to the size or length of the music file? I can provide particulars if someone wants. Thanks for reading.
  14. Add a feature where we can see if a song is already added to any playlist in form of tags or something like that.
  15. Hi, Is there a way to delete songs (not the file) from the search playlist? I had to create a new playlist but with over 3000 songs, I just added entire folders including different versions of the songs I wish to delete. But the delete option is unavailable when selecting the songs from search. Don't want to skim through them all just to find about 100 songs
  16. Please introduce a list of all playlists that a song is a member of, on the song's info/Tags dialog.
  17. It would be very helpful to be able to move several tagged songs (which are optional) directly one after another. Would you z. For example, adding new songs to a playlist could mark these new songs and move them to the desired location. That would be especially useful in longer playlists. Also interesting would be an option in which you can specify whether new songs at the beginning or end should be integrated into a playlist.
  18. Does anyone know of a PC application that allows you to create a playlist on your pc and then transfer to your phone as a recognized playlist? Creating a 50-100+ song playlist on your phone is not efficient.
  19. Hello, I don't know if it's already been reported before but I've noticed that when I move a track in a playlist (typically when I add a track to a playlist and I don't want it to be at the end so I move it up) it sometimes totally messes up the playlist's order of tracks. [EDIT 2: same issue in Queue] As I said, it typically happens when I move a track from the bottom of the playlist to somewhere above, in "fast mode". I've tried to reproduce this issue by just quickly moving a track around, and it messed up the order as well, here is the screen record of me doing it. Note the order of the tracks before & after I move the track around. I insist on the fact that the track you drag has to be moved quickly for the bug to happen (either like in the video, or in "fast mode" when you drag the track to the top/bottom of the screen); it works fine when I drag the track somewhat slowly. PA build: v3-build-882-arm64-play [882004-437be2ab] [EDIT: tried with newer build 893 as andrewilley suggested, but it didn't solve the issue] Device: Samsung Galaxy A71 Android version: 10 Thank you!
  20. Hello, Currently when you add track(s) to a playlist you find it added at the bottom of the playlist. Wish there was an option to add to the top of the playlist.
  21. Hope we have an "Add Track or Songs" option under each playlist created, where we can view only those songs that are not already added on the playlist. This saves time on selecting duplicates songs and going through all the songs we have to add on the playlist. Likewise, it would be good to have a new sort pr filter option under "All Songs" where we can exclude/include songs that are already on a playlist.
  22. Hello. I have Poweramp installed on my Android phone and I created several playlists. I recently installed Poweramp on my Android auto head unit in my vehicle. I put all my music files in the root directory of a mini SD card, and Poweramp had no trouble finding them. I exported the playlists from my phone, into a folder which I have titled "Playlists" which also resides in the root directory of the same SD card. Here's my problem. Using my file explorer, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where my playlist files need to go in order to be seen by the Poweramp app in my vehicle. There is no "import playlists" option in Poweramp, so I am sort of stuck. I even tried creating a new playlist in my car Poweramp version, just to see where the file is placed, but cannot seem to find that, either. Any suggestions?
  23. I am relatively new to Power Amp. I am creating my initial Playlists. I have one Playlist with just over 800 songs, and it will no longer accept new tracks. When I try to add new tracks, I receive the "Done" message, but the tracks are not added. Please help. I was so happy with this app until this.
  24. Shuffle has stopped working on 2 of my playlists... it only goes to the next song in the list. Both playlists have over 1,400 tracks...wondering if there is a maximum amount of songs you can put in a playlist? Shuffle works fine in all other playlists. Version v3-build-882
  25. Hello, I have had a problem with the playlists, I have been modifying some folders and organizing my music in the internal memory of my phone, I have several playlists and this has happened to me: 1) I have moved some songs from one folder to another, these songs that were in one of the playlists gave error, perform scanning and even the problem persisted, I had to delete them from the list and add them again 2) I have a playlist of a specific folder, to this folder I changed the name because I wanted to add another type of music, when I changed the name the entire playlist gave error and all the songs were damaged, I made the scan and try to repair the list and did not happen, I play it to erase the whole list and make it again (in this case it was not so much trouble because it was a folder itself, make the list was not so difficult, but should not happen) the playlists that I currently have are from specific folders, but if I make a list with songs from different folders and modify or rearrange any of these folders in my internal storage, the playlists will be damaged and when pressing "rescan / repair playlists" does not place them in their new (or renamed) destination. I do not know if there is a specific option that I have not seen so that this does not happen, the folder where I have all the music (where there are more folders inside) I already have it selected.
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