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Found 233 results

  1. Hello, I have had a problem with the playlists, I have been modifying some folders and organizing my music in the internal memory of my phone, I have several playlists and this has happened to me: 1) I have moved some songs from one folder to another, these songs that were in one of the playlists gave error, perform scanning and even the problem persisted, I had to delete them from the list and add them again 2) I have a playlist of a specific folder, to this folder I changed the name because I wanted to add another type of music, when I changed the name the entire playlist gave error and all the songs were damaged, I made the scan and try to repair the list and did not happen, I play it to erase the whole list and make it again (in this case it was not so much trouble because it was a folder itself, make the list was not so difficult, but should not happen) the playlists that I currently have are from specific folders, but if I make a list with songs from different folders and modify or rearrange any of these folders in my internal storage, the playlists will be damaged and when pressing "rescan / repair playlists" does not place them in their new (or renamed) destination. I do not know if there is a specific option that I have not seen so that this does not happen, the folder where I have all the music (where there are more folders inside) I already have it selected.
  2. It would be nice to have this option in the Re-Sort playlist option so you can have various albums from multiple artist ordered by year and presented in a organized fashion, useful for long series soundtracks or for a band discography playlist!
  3. Hi, I saved the playlists i created with Poweramp (v3-build-882-arm64-play; Android 10, stock) and i wanted to use one of them with Sleep An Android app The problem is that it does find the playlists but like they were empty. I already tried using the Poweramp original path; creating a folder on the root of the phone memory called "Playlists" and saving there; another one inside my music folder; also on the music folder root. Always without success. Then i installed JetAudio HD Music Player, created a playlist on the root of my music folder and it worked, even after uninstall the JetAudio. Also, it works with DoubleTwist app. I don't know if it has anything to do with Poweramp saving in m3u8 (i'll ask to the developers of Sleep As Android) or anything related directly with Poweramp. Can anyone tell me what may be the problem? Thanks
  4. It would be useful to have another simple option to play the playlist backwards (bottom to top). Sorting by the date added isn't the same as you can put them into a difefrent order manually. Alternatively simply sorting backwards in the state it is at that moment (and without choosing any option like "date added" or similar) would be the same too. Anyway, thanks so much for this great piece of software! I'm using it since years now and it's getting better and better...
  5. Hi Everyone, Would much rather look in a user's guide to find and explination or answer, but of course there is none. So anyway.... When I first started using Poweramp, it made sense. Almost. If nothing else, at least it played the songs as intended. You know - you create a playlist with your favorite songs, carefully placed in the order in which you want to hear them...and life is good. And that's how it was....in the beginning. I would select a playlist and begin listening to the songs....one after another, and, at a whim, I could touch the playlist icon in the lower left of the screen (just above the song's progress bar) and yep, you guessed it - the playlist would magically appear with the current song highlighted. Just as you would expect. And from there you could easily navigate up and down the list at jump to a new position within it. Perfect. But life doesn't always happen the way we want to, and software will forever be flawed. I should know. I have been writing it for 30 years now. So yeah, I know how that goes. Anyway, at some point, and I don't exactly know when, the icon in the lower left corner of the now playing screen changed. Changed into a treble cleft, to be exact. And with that change, so the behavior off the application changed. Now when I press the icon, it bring me to a list of what appears to be EVERY blessed song....and in alphabetical order no less. Not the next song in the playlist. And this changes everything. Now,when I want to skip a song in the playlist, I must have to do the following: 1) tap icon in lower left corner 2) tap the library link in the lower right corner 3) tap the 'playlist' selection 4) select the actual playlist 5) painstakingly navigate to the desired song 6) repeat over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over..... Well, you get the picture. I really don't know why the icon in the lower left corner changed. I really don't. My guess is that I accidentally pressed something and the change was an unintentional side effect. So, to my way of thinking, to change it back, you simply go pressing everthing in sight until the playlist icon once again replaces the treble cleft. And I did this. As aggrivating as my day was today, I had to spend literally HOURS fighting this miserable application in an effort to play the songs the way it once did. I mean...I went through EVERY *&@$%$ menu, submenu, list, option and setting...and NOTHING. I sat there jamming my fingers all over the screen pressing everything in sight praying I would hit the magical combination to once more restore my application to its former behavior - to the point I thought I would break the screen....desperately trying to get my beloved playlist icon back. But.....no cigar. So, I thought to myself, "well, no biggie. I will just download the user's guide and spend the requisite time reading it in order to solve this problem". But, as we all know, that's not happening either. So here I am. 12:30 in the morning, typing in the forum in hopes that someone may be so kind as to shed some light on my problem. In short, my question is this: how do I change the treble cleft icon back into the playlist icon so that I can quickly pull up the selected playlist - positioned on the currently playing song, and in the order in which I created the list. Thank you so very much for whatever help you may be able to render me.
  6. OK ... pretend I'm in 3rd grade. How do I create a new playlist .... and then assign songs/MP3s I have to that playlist?
  7. Case: Have played 5 star tracks for decades. Want to hear new good tracks. Action: Check the "rating" filter inside the playlist and specify 3-4 stars. Result: Poweramp now only plays 3-4 stars tracks as filtered.
  8. Add Artist/Album/Track # Re-Sort option to Playlists. Currently if I want to play Albums 1,2,3 of Artist one in Track Ascending order, then Albums 1,2,3 of Artist 2 ,all in the Track # order I can't. When sorting by Artist/ Album tracks are listed in random order.
  9. In a playlist that uses albums with existing album art, the art isn't displayed. Attempting to define album art for the playlist, "Data not available" is displayed briefly. Why is that, and is there a fix or work-around? Build: 875-876
  10. I know this issue has been addressed before but I'm unable to find a fix. I'm trying to export my old playlist to my new phone. New phone has all the same music files as my old phone and the full version of Poweramp . Therefore I would assume the playlist file wouldn't have trouble importing because the file path would be the same. But when exporting my playlist through my old phone, which converts the file to a m3u8 file, to my new phone, the new phone imports playlist without any music showing up. It just shows as "Name.m3u8" with no music inside the playlist. What is the issue? I made sure I checked all the same folders that my old phone had but I still get this problem. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you, BingBadaBoom.
  11. Just like Youtube playlist. When you add a song to playlists, ticks show playlists the song is in. This will make playlists management more convenient. You won't add a song twice to the same playlist. Other possible improvement: 1. Find playlists containing a song (Search title, show playlists) 2. Add a "Show Playlist" option. Like tap "Folder" let you jump to the folder the song is in. Tap "Show Playlist" to show all playlists a song is in. You can jump to those playlists if you want.
  12. Hello everybody. Im new here, so if this question has been asked please excuse me First of all, I love Poweramp music player, but something happen that really made me confused. I switched my sd card too a bigger storage space (For example, I had a 32gb sd card and now I have a 64sd card.) i transferred all the correct folders that were not empty on the new sd card. I would like to add that i also made a different folder for the songs that were not in a folder. However, when I turned my phone back on (because it was off when I switched my sd cards out), and launch Poweramp to play my songs it says "failed to play, storage unmounted". So I looked up some information on here and did a "Full Rescan" and it worked, but when I went to my playlist they were empty? The name of the playlist was still there, but it was empty. So I looked for the playlist manually in my phone and clicked on my playlist and it played in Poweramp and some songs came up but not all? Im just so confused because certain playlist had like 1500 songs, like damn lol! Side note: And also, can you save your top rated (thumbs up playlist)?
  13. Hello, I am trying to use automation with Poweramp. The purpose is to be able to auto launch a selected playlist in shuffle when a particular bluetooth is connected (for using with my bluetooth alarm clock). Then I created a shortcut for this playlist and selected shuffle play. The shortcut is working correctly in itself if i put on Nova launcher or Samsung launcher. My issue is when i try to use automation apps. I tried with Automate, Tasker, IFFT and Automagic. All apps can see the shortcut in list but fail to properly launch it. When i try to register the shortcut path the apps open the playlist selection window but then nothing happens, the shortcut path remains empty. Also this shortcut selection method works with all other available app shortcuts, including one from another famous player. I think the shortcut selection method is very different (doesn't open the app directly but just a popup in contrary of other apps). But i would really prefer to use Poweramp ! Do you know what's going on here between Poweramp shortcut method and automation apps ? Or another way to get this shortcut path ? I am using Poweramp build 860 on Snapdragon Galaxy S10 G9750, Android 10. But this issue is there for a long time so i don't think it's version dependant Thanks a lot
  14. Hi all, I'm trying to bounce my Poweramp-generated playlist to my receiver (via BubbleUPnP) and I don't understand how Poweramp creates a playlist, because some of them I can find on my Android phone, and some cannot be found at all but clearly exist in Poweramp, and others seem to contain less tracks than when I view them in Poweramp. Can anyone point me to an answer? Thanks!
  15. Hello there, Is it possible to add a setting that hides the extension of file based playlists in the library playlist menu? So for example a playlist will show up as "New Playlist" instead of "New Playlist.m3u" in the menu. Thanks in advance. Ted
  16. Is there a way to group songs together for play in a playlist? I have a large playlist of my favorite songs, and I like to have them played randomly. But there are certain songs which are meant to be played together: Van Halen: Eruption + You really Got Me Van Halen: 1984 + Jump Queen: We Will Rock You + We Are the Champions Steve Miller Band: Threshold + Jet Airliner The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band + With a Little Help From My Friends The Beatles: Because + You Never Give Me Your Money + Sun King + Mean Mr. Mustard + Polythene Pam + She Came in Through the Bathroom Window + Golden Slumbers + Carry That Weight + The End etc. Is there a way to group songs within a playlist so that when these songs are chosen, they are played together? rtillery
  17. Hello, i recently downloaded and bought the application. Coming from other audio players, i was wondering if you could please add the following features: - DSD - bit perfect output - 2 Passes (as in VLC) - 32 bits support for Hi-Res audio - pitch control - current playlist, playback stop and A-B repetition (as in jetAudio) - playlist import - lyrics editing and writing. Sincerely yours
  18. Hi, One thing that I would find useful in Poweramp is to have smart or automatic playlists. So that if a new music file is added, it could automatically be added to a playlist if it meets certain criteria that the user sets up. Like of a certain genre or a range of BPM or a combination of criteria.
  19. I need that because sometimes i forgot if a song is already in a playlist, so that could be a black number inside a white square at the right to the name of the playlist.
  20. Currently when you apply the album sorting the tracks of an album are sorted by title rather than track#. The same happens with the artist/album sorting. I think it would be better that when you sort a playlist by album or artist/album the sorting respects the track# of the songs. So an album that looks like this: 1. Charlie 2. Beta 3. Alpha Will look like that when sorted in a playlist instead of looking like this: 3. Alpha 2. Beta 1. Charlie
  21. I'm trying this app as a replacement to my normal audiobook player but I cannot for the love of christ figure out how to move more than one track around in the playlist. Moving one is fine but a bit fiddly especially if you have a long list. It looks like this should be possible as you can tick multiple tracks. Is there some way to move multiple tracks up or down in a playlist? On my current player (mortplayer audio books) you can select multiple tracks and move them around.
  22. Hi, in V2 i used to play a playlist content only randomly, now with V3 I don't know how to do it. If I choose a playlist there are 5 buttons: "random", "Play", "Find", "Select", "..." If I choose the random button, the player after some songs changes suddenly to another playlist. Is this correct? In the player it appears the random button enabled with "canciones/categorías aleatorias" (random songs/categories?). Is this the right random option to play only playlist (queue) content randomly?
  23. I've been a Poweramp devotee for years, syncing up my Android phones via Windows Media Player on my PC. A while back (months, maybe a year) I tried to sync a new playlist: no joy, at all. I have a new phone now and find that no .wpl playlists will sync. I can transfer the lists manually, but because the files are arranged differently when they arrive on my phone's SD card, many tracks are missing (as well as the fact that I get an ugly ".wpl" extension in the actual list name - but that's minor). So am I right in thinking that Poweramp no longer syncs with .wpl lists? Or is this an Android thing? Right now I'm facing manually entering a big chunk of them (tedious). Can anyone offer suggestions to make it work again? Or any fix beyond "find a life outside Windows"?
  24. HUAWEI P30 PRO wuth power amp v3-build-830-play full So i import new music to my phone and updated my playlist and imported it. Poweramp detects all the song but when i open the playlist that it's supposed to have 2361 songs it only shows 2227 songs. the playlist is not the problem cause i deleted the playlist from itunes and then imported it from the file i had created and i had the 2361 songs. anyone having this problem??
  25. AFAIK there is no option to shuffle only the contents of a play list. I'd love to be proven wrong on this. Example: a play list from a captured day of 80's programming - knowing tune A is predictably followed by tune B gets old. If there isn't some existing way to do this (How??), consider adding same.
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