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  1. Andre, you are correct in stating that a Pixel has only internal storage available and I don't use external storage to access my music, but both you and Geiler Heinz were also correct in pointing me to the Library Scanner section of Poweramp. I noticed in this section that Auto-scan, Initial Scan, USB Disconnection/SD Card Mount, and System Media Scann/MTP were turned on. I decided that of these the only ones that would be the most likely responsible for the behaviour I was seeing were Auto-scan and Initial Scan. Of these two, Initial Scan seemed the most likely given that it would likely see a reboot as Poweramp starting for the first time and run a scan. So, I disabled only this option to test my hypothosis and rebooted the phone. Upon reboot the Poweramp Widget came back up with my playlist showing as I had left it before the reboot and the only thing missing was the album cover but pressing the play button and starting the song loaded the album cover and after that all the other songs, album covers, etc, on the playlist worked fine as well. I can live with this. Thank you both for working this through with me.
  2. I'm enclosing 2 jpegs, Poweramp Widget shows the currently selected track on the Poweramp Widget, Poweramp Playlist shows the list of songs in a playlist I created in Poweramp from which the Poweramp widget plays in sequential order. You will note that the song showing on the widget is number 37 of 55 songs. Using this playlist as an example, what I experience when I reboot my phone is that the widget no longer displays the song Speak to a Girl, there is no song showing in the widget and the playlist from which the song was selected is also missing. After a minute or two after reboot I will usually get some random song showing up on the widget; guessing from the name of the song or artist that Poweramp is displaying, I'm guessing it is selecting the presented song based on its alphabetical order in my music collection. What I have noticed is that if upon reboot I immediately go into the Poweramp settings Library menu I will see that Poweramp is rebuilding the Folders, Playlists, and Songs under the Rescan option. Once it completes the process I will then get the aforementioned alphabetical song / artist showing on the Poweramp widget. My belief is that there is perhaps a bug in Poweramp or perhaps a misconfiguration on my part of the app since I can see no reason for it to run a rescan as I did not explicitly tell the app to do this and there does not appear any issue with my playlists as they play fine so long as I don't reboot the phone; I reiterate, I can play any song or playlist for as long as the phone is not rebooted regardless of how much time passes between reboots. The process of a reboot produces this odd behavior. I hope that I have done a better job of explaining the issue I'm experiencing.
  3. I am experiencing strange behavior with Poweramp after, if memory serves me, the latest update. I normally play my music from playlists I've created but lately if I reboot my phone (Pixel 8 Pro on Android 14 and always the latest security update) whatever playlist I had active on the Poweramp widget disappears and I will get a random song offered from my music collection to play on the Poweramp widget or very rarely I will still have the playlist showing on the Poweramp widget but none of the songs are available on the playlis and all iconagraphy of the album is missing . This happens every time I reboot the phone; today I installed the January PlayStore update to my phone and upon required reboot it happened again. This time I went to settings right away and noticed that for some reason Poweramp was doing a rescan of my music library without my having asked for it. For the record, I have made no changes in settings to the music folders section nor have I added any new music to my music collection stored on the phone. In any case, when I do add music I generally go to Recently Added section to force a rescan of my music folder so I know that Poweramp is up-to-date with my music collection. Any ideas on how to fix this behavior from occuring? Regards.
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