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  1. To conclude, i would like to have this option in Equalizer app. Thanks a lot !
  2. The app that i use is Spotify, what i would like is the option to turn off the Bluetooth Earbuds buttons to make this unresponsive, like i do in Poweramp app. Thanks!
  3. Hi, Thanks for your answer. I have a Bluetooth Earbuds, sometimes the Equalizer pauses without an action, and other times by accident, that's why i want to desactive the earbuds buttons reponse like i do in Poweramp Player. That works great for me in Poweramp Player. Thanks again!
  4. Hi, i would like to have the option "Reponse to bouttons" on Poweramp Equalizer, i would like turn off like i do on Poweramp. Thanks a lot !
  5. Hi, I have this problem: I listen the music with bluethoot headphones, I lock the phone, then when I unlock, there's a double beep, the music stops (about 5 seconds ) and the music restarts. Everytime, when I unlock the phone, it happens. I have to restart the phone to solve the problem. Xperia 10ll Android 11 Poweramp Build 910 Thanks!
  6. +1 Xperia 10 ll / Android 11 / Poweramp 900 It happens with headphones and also with wireless earbuds. Almost all the tracks. Thanks !
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