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  1. Hi, you didn't change the static waveseek in the last update of your skin
  2. Hi, i have a little request: can you change the look of the static waveseek, to have the same look of the default Poweramp waveseek (rounded, not polygonal)? Thanks for your great skin.
  3. That's OK, but my request is to have the same waveseek forme not divided as your skin and rounded as the PA default waveseek, the design of the original waveseek is really nice
  4. Hi. We can have thet look of the PA default skin waveseek on your skin? that would be great
  5. Solved in build 827, reappear in build 828, whit 24 bits / 384 khz. Audio files in mp3. Xperia xz2 compact Android 9
  6. I can use 384khz for the sampling rate, but when i do that if i change from Poweramp to another app, for example, Google Chrome, the volume decrease. If I use 192khz sampling rate Poweramp works well. I tried to changed the settings : Focus, Buffer, but the problem continues with 384/352khz. Xperia Xz2 compact Android 9 Poweramp build 826 Earphones : 1More Triple Driver
  7. Thanks, that's OK. It will be cool if we can change the text whit some text fonts.
  8. Hi flyingdutchman, thank you for all the improvements of your skin. There's a little bug : the text ligne of the Artiste, Song and Album isn't centered. Thanks !
  9. 👍 New Poweramp Skin - alternative layout By flyingdutchman, March 16 in Skins and Themes
  10. When i select TRANSPARENT for the Android navigation bar background nothing happens
  11. Well done, Thanks! but in the last version (Version 4) the option to select the background color TRANSPARENT of the Android navbar is missing, there was in the Version 3.
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