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  1. Hi, I have this problem: I listen the music with bluethoot headphones, I lock the phone, then when I unlock, there's a double beep, the music stops (about 5 seconds ) and the music restarts. Everytime, when I unlock the phone, it happens. I have to restart the phone to solve the problem. Xperia 10ll Android 11 Poweramp Build 910 Thanks!
  2. +1 Xperia 10 ll / Android 11 / Poweramp 900 It happens with headphones and also with wireless earbuds. Almost all the tracks. Thanks !
  3. +1 Xperia 10 ll / Android 11 / Poweramp 890 It happens with headphones and also with wireless earbuds. Almost all the tracks. Thanks !
  4. Solved in build 827, reappear in build 828, whit 24 bits / 384 khz. Audio files in mp3. Xperia xz2 compact Android 9
  5. I can use 384khz for the sampling rate, but when i do that if i change from Poweramp to another app, for example, Google Chrome, the volume decrease. If I use 192khz sampling rate Poweramp works well. I tried to changed the settings : Focus, Buffer, but the problem continues with 384/352khz. Xperia Xz2 compact Android 9 Poweramp build 826 Earphones : 1More Triple Driver
  6. 👍 New Poweramp Skin - alternative layout By flyingdutchman, March 16 in Skins and Themes
  7. That would be great if It looks like this when the songs plays. My device it's a Sony Xperia xz2 compact Android pie Poweramp v3-build-820-play Thanks a lot!
  8. Thanks for your skin, It looks well. Just one thing : i don't like the color of the seek bar, perhaps another color, mostly white : all the symbols, words and the seek bar, of course, white. At last : the design of the seek bar will be simpler, if you let only the line, whitout the little circle at the end. Thanks and GOOD WORK !!!
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