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Poweramp alpha-build-703/704


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Poweramp alpha3 build-703
Poweramp alpha3 build-704 (N preview 3 quick fix, not recommended for any other Android versions, as it wasn't tested outside N preview 3)
Known issues:
- on some device @ N preview 3, OpenGL surface can fail to be restored, causing no visualization in Poweramp

Google Play testing Opt-in URL: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer 
(Use this URL again for Opt-out if needed.)

This is alpha version of upcoming major Poweramp release. Please make backup of your existing Poweramp app/settings/db before installation as you won't be able to rollback to Poweramp v2 without alpha uninstallation, causing settings to be lost.

You can install it over your existing v2 or any alpha version (your purchase and settings will be carried over).
At this time, only ARM processors are supported. We'll add Intel support for later beta builds.
Min. supported Android: 4.1.
Skins are disabled in alpha as UI is partially changed and there is no point in (re-)building skins now.

- 704: few fixes for N preview 3
- added DVC support for Hi-Res Snapdragon 24-bit PCM variant (e.g. LG Gx/v10, HTC A9, etc.)
- Hi-Res support for Sony Z3, Meizu 5 Pro, Lenovo Vibe X3
- Look and Feel / Status Bar/Notification / Notification Colors option to override non-standard ROM notification colors
- mp3 vbr seeking improvements
- 2 Hi-Res API variants (Sony Hi Res and Snapdragon 24-bit offload) for Sony Z5/P
- option to always process/send album art (useful for smartwatches)
- bt pause/resume polishing
- scrobbling fixes, removed obsolete ScrobbleDroid support
- album art downloading update
- language selection fix
- better current output device detection (wired headset vs bt)
- other few small fixes

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1 hour ago, guyverzero said:

Thought next release was gonna be beta 1 and contain UI stuff.  Was that put on hold??

No, we just got another bonus alpha release (like 702 was) to fix some issues. The UI changes will start with the first beta release, whenever that might be.


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Hey Max,

Just tried the new alpha on my Vibe X3. Just a quick impression. The volume in Poweramp is less loud than google play music with the dac enabled. I Have tried turning off DVC, turning on "no headroom gain" and "No equ/tone". the volume is still not as loud as the default player.

Currently having listening sessions to see how good its sounding against the other players.

Thanks fo the update.

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Oh my, added DVC for Hi-Res SD 24bit playback, I tried it using the same earphones I have connected to my bluetooth device I use to listen to music usually and... it was GREAT.

There was this added depth of clarity vs the bluetooth, I was half-bummed to hear the difference because I cannot make use of it with the bluetooth that I use and I've been spoiled with the lack of wires running around me (I nowadays put the phone in my back-pocket, no wire would be long enough to comfortably reach there and would need to run halfway round my torso)...

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2 minutes ago, edo101 said:

How do I opt out. I just want to use the old one and get updates to the old one. I wouldn't mind the beta if it didn't stop support of the Note Edge screen

I assume you opted in vis Google Play trial? If so just opt out the same way (link is in first post of this thread).


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Enabling hi res audio output on my nexus 6p causes the music sound to shut off. Like other touch sounds are still heard through the earphones and the visualizer shows the music is still playing. But no sound through the earphones. Was having the same issue on the previous build. Anything I could do? Change ROM?

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1. Music doesn't pause when a call enter, It's muted but the song is I have progress.... So when I finish the call, it's already the next song... 


2. Whatsapp notifications causing the music to pause when connected to android hear unit that is running Poweramp. 

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When connected to my Chord Mojo USB DAC with my Z5 the Audio/Output/Hi-Res Output (experimental) shows the Mojo connected and shows max rate at 192 but if I set as anything it still seems to use Android default of 24/192 I think.

Can correct rate be sent to the DAC ? Max is actually 768 on Mojo. I'm hoping Poweramp can feed native track bit rate to the Mojo like the app UAPP can.


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Yes, to piggyback-off Psikey. on a related note, will Poweramp (next alpha, beta, or official build) ever support native resolution playback for files up to 24/192 ?  I noticed that in high-res mode, everything is upsampled to 192k, and while this is appreciated for 192k files, I'm not sure it's preferable to native playback of 96, 48, and 44.1 files.  Especially if upsampling consumes more power, enabling native resolution playback in-sync with the hardware capabilities would be great. 


I understand there is a user-access-able setting to change the sample rate in-menu; however, with a library containing various sample rates, changing the setting every time, to match the album/song is cumbersome.  Additionally, are there any pros/cons to upsampling 44.1, 48, etc. ---  to 192 ?  If so, maybe native sampling vs. upsampling can be added as a toggled option in the future ?  Thanks, Max & Andre.

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Ever since build 702 I've been having issues getting lyrics from musicxmatch. It always gives me the message "no lyrics tag found in the song". It does not matter which option is selected in the menu. Unless the song has a lyrics tag it will always give this error.



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8 hours ago, andrewilley said:

@staticx please check the options are set correctly in Settings > Audio > Audio Focus.



As you can see, all options ar the checked so I don't know why this happening... 





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Hi, there is a problem with the playback through the Hi-Res audio output.
My phone is а Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910C [Exynos SoC] (Android 5.1.1), Poweramp version v.3 alpha build 703. If you are using Hi-Res audio output (Wired Headset / AUX) only the crackle is heard. I went through all the settings of the audio output: changing the sample rate, and so cut off the DVC - unsuccessfull. The rest of the audio outputs are working correctly. Reset application settings and reinstalling does not help solve the problem. The same error is reproduced on v.3 alpha build 702.

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I'm getting "Decoder timed out" occasionally. What does that mean? Usually when I seek or skip track, but it did happen all by itself once.

Also, has anyone noticed issues with headset button controls on android 6?

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