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  1. Ah OK, the Experimental Output only shows on my Samsung phone, only option on Z5 compact is Java or default. Do we have any time frame for when v3 is actually going to be released? (This year?)
  2. Frequency option show 96khz but grey out ?? Is there somewhere else to change it ?
  3. I I'm using my Z5 compact with Android 7.0 and a Dragonfly Red it defaults to Output as Java Based Output and Dragonfly Red v1.0 (24/96) shows the DAC at 96. Does this mean it will always up-sample to the this showing Magenta on the DFR rather than correct frequency of the song like UAPP does (44.1 MP3's showing as green for example). Is this the best setting for using DFR ?
  4. When connected to my Chord Mojo USB DAC with my Z5 the Audio/Output/Hi-Res Output (experimental) shows the Mojo connected and shows max rate at 192 but if I set as anything it still seems to use Android default of 24/192 I think. Can correct rate be sent to the DAC ? Max is actually 768 on Mojo. I'm hoping Poweramp can feed native track bit rate to the Mojo like the app UAPP can.
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