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  1. Just out of curiosity as the Vibe X3 has two internal DAC's, is there any way to find out which one is being used in Poweramp.
  2. Hey Max, Just tried the new alpha on my Vibe X3. Just a quick impression. The volume in Poweramp is less loud than google play music with the dac enabled. I Have tried turning off DVC, turning on "no headroom gain" and "No equ/tone". the volume is still not as loud as the default player. Currently having listening sessions to see how good its sounding against the other players. Thanks fo the update.
  3. just out of curiosity i'm attaching my audio policy, FYI i do have to toggle a switch to actually activate the sabre DAC. maybe that's whats causing the problem. and dolby is just a software effect ya, so i dont really turn it on. thanks again mate. audio_policy_vibex3.conf
  4. Ah that is a shame. Was really looking forward to using Poweramp on my device. thank you for looking into it mate.
  5. 1. Lenovo Vibe X3 (X3a40) 2. 5.1.1 (Lenovo stock rom) 3. 32-bit ESS Sabre ES9018K2M DAC with 3x TI OPA1612
  6. Try the wake lock setting in Poweramp, it's in misc settings
  7. @kokopaps Ah, my hifi dac works when i use the DAC fix app too. I wanted it to work without it, natively. never mind then, will have to wait till support gets added for my device. Till then the Dac fix app is fine.
  8. Hey max, I'm sharing my phones audio policy config for you to check whether HI-Res is supported or not. Lenovo vibe x3 audio_policy.conf
  9. Hmm...i have the same info on my screen , tried the Open SL ouput but that only outputs to "16 bits and 48khz". It should be outputting at a better quality with the SABRE DAC dont you think so.
  10. Have the same problem with my Vibe x3 It says snapdragon when it should say ESS Sabre Which my phone has
  11. I just turned on "Hi-Res Output"...no settings changed...It is mostly bypassing the ESS dac and using the Snapdragon one.Could anyone with a V10 snapshot their Info screen which shows which Dac is used in ouput.
  12. Just started testing the new alpha on a Lenovo Vibe X3. It sounds great. Now the X3 has an internal DAC similar to the LG V10. Hi Res audio is enabled, but the info screen under output mentions "Snapdragon 24-bit PCM". The X3 has a ESS SABRE setup inside, so is Poweramp using the ESS DAC or the Snapdragon one. and thank you for the updates.
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