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  1. I used to be able to play video files on Poweramp. I am one of those wierd people that likes to listen to audio only from movies or trailers I download while shuffling my music. How do I get this feature back? I did include the folder the video is located in my music folder list so thats not my issue
  2. I just want to ask if there would be support for Edge screen devices like the Note Edge. I really appreciate the extra screen real estate usage. It makes my life easier and is the main reason why I opted out of the beta. It didn't support the Edge screen on my Note Edge Secondly, will the new Poweramp be able to play music from cloud sources like One Drive. I have a lot of my songs there and some playlists. It would be nice to be able to use the same playlist if I uninstall Poweramp or reset my phone. I hate having to redo my playlists after I uninstall Poweramp
  3. How do I opt out. I just want to use the old one and get updates to the old one. I wouldn't mind the beta if it didn't stop support of the Note Edge screen
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