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  1. Hi, I am also currently facing this issue and your suggested solution doesn't seem to work. I'm unsure if this would help, but the issue seems to have started only recently after an update to android 10 and the recent app updates. Will try previous versions of Poweramp and will report if issues disappear. Device : POCO F1 (Android 10, MIUI 11.0.6)
  2. @andrewilly please delete this post. There too many duplicate threads like this already.
  3. Yeah, I've tried that app before. It would certainly work for me if only I had a library of few songs; unfortunately I have close to 1800 songs stored on external memory. It'd make the whole process really tedious as I've very little space left on internal storage, swapping them back and forth would be tiring and confusing.
  4. Hey Max, Thanks for the update. Just one quick question, Will you be fixing the file access permission issue with 6.0+ devices, which prevents editing song file tags if they are stored on external memory cards?
  5. Exactly, I'm fine with the current UI. I just miss a working scrobbler and tag editor for SDcard music files. Been waiting for a fix for those two for a year now. Though a refreshed UI may push Poweramp towards untapped market such as kids and the elderly, considering that the MaterialUI was meant to be simple and natural and can be mastered with little effort.
  6. Have you by chance turned on visualizations? Maybe a corrupted .milkdrop file is causing the problem.
  7. Correcting the "DNLA support" spelling to "DLNA support".
  8. I've tried both the alpha v3 and the regular v2 versions, both suffer the same problem. I'm happy to hear that Max will be looking into the problem. Also from the Poweramp tweets, I think the beta will be here soon, hopefully it might fix this issue.
  9. And for the record I didn't disable any permissions.
  10. It's maybe because Poweramp uses outdated APIs? Also, when MX Player asked for permission to delete files from SD card, it worked for MX player. But not for Poweramp.
  11. Yes,I'm well aware that I'm supposed to select the root level of my sdcard, and I'm selecting the root level of my sdcard. And I'm aware that selecting just a folder in my sdcard can break the functionality of the app.
  12. Once I try to grant permission to delete a file, it says access granted, but after that when trying to delete the file once again(you know, to get rid of it) it asks for permission once again. Been stuck in this loop, I'm not able to edit tags too because of this. Maybe it's a problem with Android 6.0.1 assigning uniques IDs to SDcard. If so, will max fix it I'm the next update?
  13. I've got the same issue, but the two tricks you mentioned doesn't seem to fix it. Worked when using Lollipop though, after upgrading to Marshmallow, it doesn't.
  14. The Menu drawer just shows up halfway when the visualization is playing
  15. I have the same issue too, I've tried build 584, 585 And even the alpha build. The issue still persists. I've been using Poweramp V3 alpha for almost a month, this wasn't a issue since a week back. I'm using OnePlus X running Oxygen OS based on Lollipop 5.1
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