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  1. @alfa145 I'm having the same issue... and it's driving me crazy. also posted in this thread and no solution found...:
  2. problems still exists. also when a phone is connected via bluetooth to another device that is running Poweramp, music always stops and resume when notification enters or on dialer screen. I had to turn off the "Bluetooth Media" and use the phone only for calls and not for streaming music. also I add no. 3 - Music doesn't resume when opening Poweramp again, it starts the song again. - now picture that: Poweramp is running at my android head unit, and I was stopping my car about 10 times for some arrangements (shopping, fueling etc.) and every time, I've heard the same song from the b
  3. unfortunately, my unit is generic and not based on Rockchip, so I cannot use the SWC app in XDA nor the Xposed module... I've also tried to look into keylauout files to look for something special and compared it to my phone... but the files seemed to be alright... moreover , tried to identify what key is being pressed with Keytest app and it seems that the next and skip buttons don't send any keys at all... so those controls working in the unit's native apps (radio/cd/video player/music) and not in external apps... I would love know if there's some way it may be achieved.
  4. Hello Poweramp is installed on my android head unit in the car, but I cannot control the tracks with the buttons on the steering wheel (SWC), so can we make it work? Maybe @andrewilley or @maxmp can advise? thanks
  5. Hey, As you can see, all options ar the checked so I don't know why this happening... https://www.dropbox.com/s/z9b40260x048k14/20160417_173831~01.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/h2636z9v2ymkpbs/20160417_173827~01.jpg?dl=0 Thanks
  6. 1. Music doesn't pause when a call enter, It's muted but the song is I have progress.... So when I finish the call, it's already the next song... 2. Whatsapp notifications causing the music to pause when connected to android hear unit that is running Poweramp.
  7. I would like it to support subsonic streaming... I'm using it alot with DSUB.
  8. The head unit has its own bluetooth player, but it doesn't show id3 tags and it's very simple, so I thought maybe Poweramp can be used to receive the stream instead of the internal app. They cannot run at the same time... Thanks
  9. Hello I want to stream music from my phone to my car's android 4.1.1 head unit that runs Poweramp, is it possible that Poweramp will play from bluetooth stream? if it's possible, will it also display song info? thanks
  10. Thanks @maxmp , The alpha2 version is great, but I'm having some issues: Poweramp is installed on my android 4.1.1 head unit in the car, and I'm playing from internal storage. 1. When I switch on the HU, Poweramp opens up and start the last played song from the beginning instead of resuming. 2. My resolution is 840*400 and it causes the rating (star) bar to appear to big, I cannot disable it, and it prevents me from doing gesture of swiping up to move between playlists. 3. When my phone rings, Poweramp doesn't lower the volume so I can hear the ringtone. I h
  11. Hey, It seems like disabling the Direct Volume Control solved it!! I'm still testing it but it seems really fine now. thanks a-lot
  12. Hello When I'm using Poweramp and receive a phone call, the other side hear lots of noises and cannot hear me at all. when I'm shutting down Poweramp (or uninstalling) , I get the calls good and the other side can hear me perfectly. I really like this player and also paid for full version. I don't experience such issues on Shuttle Player, but I like Poweramp more. please try to help. I'm running Poweramp latest version on Android 4.1.1 car 6.2" head unit. --- I've also tried with the latest v3 release and it's still the same - when the app is running, the
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