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  1. After contacting support they denied that it was locked down 16bit/48khz and could go up to 32bit/192khz. Maybe ZTE unlocked it with the 6.0 update.
  2. Odd considering when the phone was being marketed it was advertised as being 32 bit. The axon mini as far as I'm aware does not have an amp or DAC unlike the Pro model. It could also be the case that ZTE's software limits it to 16bit/48khz, although I could have sworn that the stock music player was capable of 24 bit by default. I'll make sure to contact ZTE support later to figure out this confusion.
  3. ZTE Axon Pro Android 6.0 AK 4490 DAC and AKM 4961 Class D amp inside. Source: http://www.androidauthority.com/axon-phone-hi-fi-audio-626925/
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