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  1. Poweramp 944 when restoring setting either from backup from 939 or directly from 944 doesn't restore all settings. For example the settings don't change to dark theme and ignore short title defaults to 6 seconds instead of none and ignore videos is also enabled instead of disabled and signalsound on headphones is also enabled instead of disabled and some more. Restoring in 939 and then updating to 944 keeps the settings like ignore short title none and others. The other problem is that with hi-res and dvc enabled i get a thumping noise over headphones with opensl or hi-res with dvc disabled it doesn't happen, in 939 it worked normally. MusicFX when opened for first time when playing music over headphones dampens volume for 1 to 2 seconds and then it's normal again and doesn't happen again till closing the app and open it again and this doesn't happen when playing over speaker. Phone is a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 with Android 9 Miui 12
  2. How about an option in stock skins to make the status bar transparent like it's possible in 3rd party skins?
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