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  1. I got the same issues, OnePlus One running AOSP 8.1. Also with beta 790, running dumpsys media.audio_flinger shows that the output is actually 16bit PCM. Hi res used to work in OnePlus One, Snapdragon 24bit variant.
  2. By "work on Nougat" you mean it shows up in the settings? Yeah it does show up. But each time headphones are connected it switches to the default output, just like several others have reported. And I have a OnePlus One.
  3. Alright this thread is a joke now. I give up on storing hi-res music on my phone anymore, because it's just not compatible with Nougat and we already have a plethora of Oreo ROMs. Zero communication whatsoever.
  4. OnePlus One Basically any ROM based on Lineage OS 7.1.1 (Resurrection Remix 5.8.2) High res option shows up in alpha 704 but reverts back to openSL output.
  5. Currently I would just add that compatibility for Android 7+ versions should be added as a small quick fix. Coz a lot of devices are getting official Nougat 7.1 or CM14.1. I for myself can't make the jump because hi-res output isn't compatible in those ROMs yet. So, instead of all big changes, just a quick fix for compatibility should be rolled out.
  6. Slightly off-topic here, but I have DSOM in dff format. But dff doesn't support tagging. I'm trying to convert it into dsf without losing quality so that I can tag them. Any ideas?
  7. Hi, I've been running alpha 3 without any issues whatsoever except one. The volume control no longer works after display is turned off/phone sleeps. I have to wake it up in order to change the volume. I can confirm that it worked in alpha 2 and before.
  8. That's because Viper doesn't support native processing of 96khz tracks. It will downsample your hi-res tracks back to 48/44.1 kHz. That's why I ditched Viper after v3 alpha. No plugin required whatsoever.
  9. Thanks a lot Max! Album art bug solved!
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