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  1. They're still active on Twitter, I just don't think they can find a direction that they want to take the app in. I know personally it's (very) frustrating that this feature hasn't been added, as I have the same view as you do on it. This also seems like an easy change to make, so I really don't know why it hasn't been added. Earlier this week someone posted a new UI they designed for Poweramp, and the team was asking where it came from. I told the guy that they did, and hopefully he got in touch with them to talk about his redesign. So, they're at least thinking about it. Personally, I'm getting too fed up with the lack of updates from the devs on this. When the music player is top of the crop it was one thing, but now you have things like Shuttle out that have a modern UI and a dev who listens and tries to actively participate in putting out newer versions of their app. I'll probably check out Poweramp when it hits 3.0, as whatever update they put out HAS to be great after literal years of waiting. But for right now, I'm just sorta done with it
  2. +1, even getting a response on this issue would be good. ONLY major problem I have with the player right now... (Made a post in a newer topic about the subject, but thought I should bring up the larger topic instead and can't find a delete post button on the other one. Sorry for the double bump though regardless)
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