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  1. As for the first part, its an assumption. If the guy will not pay/does not want to have others helping him with core dev work as a sole developer. I would assume that desire for complete creative control of your product would extend to the official Poweramp twitter account. And yes. A "rather cute" reply is a troll. I don't see the term as malicious, but rather just making fun of. That can be lighthearted and funny. In fact, it is lighthearted and funny, but it also has to be taken in context. With that context, it doesn't look too good. The other reply that you keep echoing
  2. Again, he is also on twitter making jokes about people waiting for the update. He has the time to update here. This is a fact, not speculation.
  3. Another really frustrating thing about this is that the dev seems to be active on twitter (as of two days ago) and trolling people who are asking for updates on there. I understand single dev, I understand the road blocks. The lack of communication is unacceptable, and should not be seen as such. The delays are....troubling, but ultimately fine. But this lack of communication may wind up horrible. For example, what happens if the revamp IS released (after a year of silence and no shared concept work) and....we all hate it? Then what? What if its terrible, and an actual downgrade fro
  4. Thought next release was gonna be beta 1 and contain UI stuff. Was that put on hold?? Still, thank you for continuing to update. I'm sure when it does come along it'll be great
  5. Wow. Love everything you've done here and sincerely hope this can be put into work for PA3. Anything close to this level of sophistication and simplicity would make it the best visual experience that any music player on Android can offer
  6. To echo what others have said, I voted for material design but I really just want a different design for the player, and material is a means to that end. The two major overhauls I'd like to see are decreasing the amount of taps needed to get where I need to be, and simplifying menu structure. Decreasing the effort needed to do something is probably paramount, as the time adds up compared to other players. Now, the slide out drawer from the alpha will go some ways to fix this, but the "list" structure of Poweramp as it stands doesn't meet current design needs. For instance, I actually love the
  7. You're right Andre, the material design can be hit or miss and I'm not sure if it'll work in a media player at all (although Gramophone has the right idea, it's still hampered by the design UI material players all have to go by). I just want the legacy "list" interface to go away. Top tabs that can easily been seen, customized and be used to navigate between things is pretty much universally seen as more attractive (at least as far as I am aware). Artist pictures that are fetched for you. A more attractive artist page (something the Material players get so, so right), dynamically color ch
  8. What does suck is that I feel like it will come, but with the application being "under development" in one way or another for over three years like you said, it's just become more of a frustration more than anything. I'm almost sure the update will be very good, and very modern, but at this point I am just hoping that something upcoming (a Shuttle or Gramophone type app) with a more responsive developer will get Poweramp's feature set. Once this happens, it can either just be allowed to fade away, or it would be forced to compete in a major way (with that 3.0 material makeover or something).
  9. They're still active on Twitter, I just don't think they can find a direction that they want to take the app in. I know personally it's (very) frustrating that this feature hasn't been added, as I have the same view as you do on it. This also seems like an easy change to make, so I really don't know why it hasn't been added. Earlier this week someone posted a new UI they designed for Poweramp, and the team was asking where it came from. I told the guy that they did, and hopefully he got in touch with them to talk about his redesign. So, they're at least thinking about it. Personally, I'
  10. I think it might just be easier to make this a setting of some sort, and let those who want it change it over (I think I would, but who knows. Hence why having the option to do so would be good)
  11. +1, even getting a response on this issue would be good. ONLY major problem I have with the player right now... (Made a post in a newer topic about the subject, but thought I should bring up the larger topic instead and can't find a delete post button on the other one. Sorry for the double bump though regardless)
  12. Yes please, this. I believe Google Play Music does it as well and would love to have this feature on Poweramp. Right now it's pretty jarring, and most of the other big players seem to have figured out how to implement it (although I don't know if this is a planned feature for version 3 or not...could be)
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