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Requests for Hi-Res Support (please state which build of Poweramp you are using)

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HI all ,

On my Asus Zenfone 3 , in Poweramp 704 build im getting Failed: Poweramp Hi-Res Exp Output. Using default output . Below are the details . Do let me know steps to fix it or any help .

1. Asus Zenfone 3 (ZE552KL)

2. Android 7.0 OTA | Kernel : 3.18.31-perf-g6b0a89b

3. Snapdragon 625 |

Audio Output
Hi-Res audio 192kHz/24-bit standard that is 4 times better than CD quality





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  1. Nexus 5
  2. AICP CAF 12.1 (Android 7.1.2, Custom ROM)
  3. My device supports hi-res 24/192, because Poweramp 704 shows hi-res playback using build.prop tweak for Samsung UHQA PCM:


That tweak was found here:

That would be nice to have hi-res without build.prop tweaks.

Thank you!

Samsung UHQA.JPG


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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

Tweaking build-prop won't be necessary when Poweramp knows about more devices that support high-rez support (next beta release). I guess a lot was hard-coded for what was available with the alpha releases and needs updating.


Nice :)

So, will Nexus 5 be in the list of devices which support hi-res in Poweramp new beta without build.prop tweaks?

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Android 7.0 (stock)

It had high res on marshmallow but now fails when playing

(another user mentioned but i insist because without high res i usually don't listen to music on smartphone)

Sorry for bad english if any mistake is in my text

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On 17.5.2017 at 8:13 PM, Dave B said:

I've been using Poweramp for about 1 year with my LG V10 Alpha 704, works great on high res option through headphones, upgraded to LG G6 H870DS with Quad dac, will not work with high res option for headphones, says, failed, please add high res support. LG G6 H870DS

Nougat 7.0

I'm torn between keeping my v10 instead of the G6 because of this issue.


Seconding this! Unfortunately the same problem. Very sad, forces me to use default LG player. :(

Could this PLEASE be implemented? It seriously *is* the very same chip the V10 has. I am sure it would just have to be copied over for the G6. Pleeeeease!

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On 4/5/2016 at 11:25 PM, maxmp said:
  • Device model
  • ROM version (Android version, stock/OTA/Custom ROM)
  • Why do you think your device supports Hi-Res (link to device features, etc.)? A copy of your device's /etc/audio_policy.conf file may be helpful.

1. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus (Model:G9287)

2. Android 7.0 Custom ROM

3. I used to use Hi-res output in Android 6.0 with Custom Rom; however, when my phone comes to Android 7.0, it DO NOT have any option for me to choose the 'Hi-res(Experience)'. 


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It seems that quite a few devices can support 24bit output with the Samsung mod in build.prop so it would be easier to let the user choose the variant (Lenovo hifi, Samsung uhqa pcm, Snapdragon 24 bit, etc) instead of having a database of compatible devices or having the app "guess" the variant.

Both my Moto X Style and Umidigi Crystal have 24bit output with the mod (crystal was outputting in 24 bit using java out anyway).

Changing the manufacturer in my Moto X messes with some stuff like the camera not connecting anymore, etc.

A new build with just that change would be nice.

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