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  1. @Protagg, I think probem not in the update, it's just your life.
  2. Best looking app in the play store and best app I've ever bought.
  3. Why do you even want to use Poweramp if you want viper4android, Poweramp eq is better!
  4. Restoring the remaining Library / Folder category functions and lyrics? should be done first imo because it's the main functionality of the app that should be working out of the box.
  5. I don't know why so many people are showing hate for the gesture based interface but i think this is the future and it is intuitive to use, Android P will also have gesture based navigations so this completely makes sense to me.
  6. Most of the people here doesn't even know how to install a apk lol (solution - if your device says can't open file just go open a 3rd party file manager i use solid explorer locate and open the file it will open and install it just like a normal apk). Sachin.
  7. Awesome work max!!, I found 1 bug lock screen album art is blurred and in settings when i uncheck blur album art no album art is shown on lock screen. Thanks for the update !!!!!! Sachin.
  8. Is it possible to make this thread more visible to get more suggestions?
  9. How's the bass and treble in these? I bought sony xb55 but i think the treble is just too much and after using them for about an hour i feel discomfort in ears (i can still return them). I had lg earphones earlier they came with my phone but they are worn out that's why I'm looking for new ones.
  10. Hey andre did you find anything relating to Samsung ones?
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