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  1. Device - LG G6 H870DS Firmware - Android 8.0.0 Hi-Res output was available in 7.0
  2. With Poweramp v2 you could guess the increments by using the min/max 7 dB option, but now that that option is gone there is no way to know how large the dB increments are in Poweramp v3. Can we have a confirmation on how large this increment is? Thanks in advance.
  3. Seconding this! Unfortunately the same problem. Very sad, forces me to use default LG player. Could this PLEASE be implemented? It seriously *is* the very same chip the V10 has. I am sure it would just have to be copied over for the G6. Pleeeeease!
  4. Also, I mean Poweramp has to have some search options for lyrics, because some people use lyric files that have the same name as the audio files, only extension is .lrc or .txt, whereas my audio files have lyrics with %artist% - %title%.(lrc|txt) and are located in the same folder (that's what I get through foobar2000 + foo_uie_lyrics3 or MiniLyrics) But my audio files are usually named %artist% - %album% - [%disc% - ] - %track% - %title%.ogg So, in this case the search is based on audio tags instead of the file name. Not to mention that some people embed their lyrics in an audio tag in the file. So, what does Poweramp provide on lyrics? I need to decide if it fits my needs before I buy it.
  5. Now, does Poweramp fully support synchronised lyrics (.lrc files) and unsynchronised lyrics (.txt files)?
  6. Sorry to bump this from so long ago, but this would be seriously great and I don't think this got the attention it deserved. Being able to use spotify(or any audio task on android) with Poweramp's amazing eq would be life changing for me
  7. Hi, Poweramp nicely supports the old "COVERART" tag field in Vorbis Comments but this tag is deprecated and tends to disappear. There is an official tag field named "METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE". On the developper side, there's little to do if you want to support it, especially if your player already support FLAC and/or MP3 covert art (which is the case of Poweramp ) Please consider adding support for this official tag, thanks For all the documentation : http://wiki.xiph.org...mment#Cover_art
  8. Hi, Would be nice to include the Classic Skin in the Poweramp APK instead of making it a separate package. This would allow to use it in the ScreenLock feature as this is not possible at the moment. Poweramp is about 3MB in size and ClassicSkin around 270KB. The overall package would reach ~3.2, ~3.3MB at most, really no big deal IMHO.
  9. Well THANK YOU ! I've been struggling so long to get to this point.. So much wasted time to get to this conclusion while this was asked in the first post on that matter! I didn't think it would be so hard to get a quite simple option added. I'm against most "automatic" procedures because a computer is NEVER smart. It never does what we want but always does what we tell him to do. In this case, automatic means troubles. Manual is always better controled. And for my part with the SGS2, my ROM isn't "stock" in the sense that it's not the factory default ROM but it's still a stock ROM because it's provided by the manufacturer of the device.
  10. At last I get a reply, thank you, waited long... "Use default theme" => NOT checked "External skin" => "Poweramp Classic Skin" As this is a separate package, I don't know if its considered "external". Should I switch to the "jar" version of the skin ? ROM : Samsung I9100XWKI8 Android 2.3.5 This is not the original factory ROM the SGS2 had when I opened the box but it's a Samsung ROM. The ROM is rooted but the rooting process uses the same kernel with the same options as the stock one, it just adds custom scripts, root access and SuperUser + CWManager packages. My SDCard is mounted as follows but observation of mount options shows nothing unusual nor fancy enough to bring attention. noatime is good performance wise and for flash cells life time. diratime is redundant as it's implied by noatime. Finally, allow_utime serves no special purpose as 1000 is UID for "system" and 1015 is GID for "sdcard_r" and no application is using this user nor belonging to this group so no timestamp can be modified by any application. /dev/block/vold/179:11 on /mnt/sdcard type vfat (rw,dirsync,nosuid,nodev,noexec,noatime,nodiratime,uid=1000,gid=1015,fmask=0002,dmask=0002,allow_utime=0020,codepage=cp437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,utf8,errors=remount-ro,discard) I don't blame Poweramp directly for the scanning, something is making it think the library contents changed. That's why I ask an option in prefs (enabled by default to mimic current behaviour) to prevent Poweramp service to scan the library at each boot. Seems not to be an unreachable goal to me.
  11. Hi, This starts to really ANNOY me to say the least... I mentioned some issues since Beta 1 and here we're talking about a release candidate, after 2 more betas and NONE of the mentioned issues where addressed ! - ScreenLock buttons not belonging to the right skin - Blind rescan of the whole file collection on every reboot These posts are here, here and here... Is the users support selective ? I PAID for the app for its qualities but obviously, maxmp is TOTALLY ignoring my posts as NONE of them where answered in any way by him. Even better, when other people complain about the same issues (ie: collection rescan), maxmp replies! I don't know what but I must have done something really nasty to be that harshly ignored in all the posts. What should I do then? Rant about the total lack of serious user support or finally get some audience and have these bugs fixed ?
  12. I already mentioned that in a previous post but apparently it went unnoticed. I don't know for T3mp3 but in my case, it's not a SDCard but the internal storage of the SGS2. As of the system media scanner, I don't care about it because I asked, via Poweramp, to not scan my music dir using a .nomedia. It may be 10-100x slower than Poweramp but on my phone, it's lightning fast because it basically scans... nothing! Poweramp, although fast, scans my 1600 files collection on EVERY REBOOT which is more than annoying. I'd really appreciate Poweramp to have a simple option switch to STOP automatic scanning at boot. There's already a manual scanner in prefs, that is already neat as far as I'm concerned! Continue the good work, Poweramp is a masterpiece and once it gets the new suggestions made here by several users, it'll be very hard for competition to reach the level
  13. Hi, Downloaded Beta3 and there's no improvement in the area covered by Post #61 in Poweramp 2.0 beta 2 thread ! I use the Classic Skin and the Locker feature of Poweramp. When I "power off" the device and power it on again, I have the Poweramp locker screen poping up with : - Album art - <<< << II/I> >> >>> bar fom Aluminium skin - Seek bar + Info from Neon skin This weird and not expected. As previsouly suggested by you, I uninstalled the Poweramp (but not PAUnlocker) and installed it again and went again through all the configuration process. No change in behaviour for this issue. I won't ask again about the "Random 50/100" suggestion made in the above mentioned post but I have another suggestion to add :-) In the times where I was using WindowsMobile, there was "Nitrogen" there which is a fine player too. It features a nice option which made "Prev/Next" buttons switch the track WITHOUT playing it immediately. I give you an example to understand. You are currently listening to "Foobar" song. With this option activated, pressing "Prev/Next" would change the AlbumArt, TagInfo, SongName and the "Pause" bouton would become a "Play" button because the currently displayed song would be for example "OtherSong". Pressing play would then immediately play this new song. This feature is very nice to somewhat "force" the next song to play when you're listening the current song and then make sure that a precise song will play next without having to manipulate the lists. The option could be named "Prev/Next advance in list" of something like this, it's up to you to choose whatever fits best. Of course, this option would only work with the onscreen controls and not with the headset button control which would be hard to make this work properly without dozens of clicks
  14. Hi, First of all again congratulations for Poweramp, definitely my favorite music app. Also thank you for bringing back the "Classic" skin which is the best in my opinion. I have 1 issue with the new Beta2 and an issue already present in Beta1 - Beta1/Beta2 : I have a music collection of 1600 files, with all tags and album art correctly set. The full scan takes a bit under 30s which is fast. My trouble is about reboots... Every time I need to reboot my phone, Poweramp rescans the whole collection again These ~30s become quite annoying this time eventhough working in background but it's a bit I/O intensive and slows down the boot process as I use a third party launcher which also needs to set up, as well as an alternative lock screen, etc. you see the point right ? This collection gets news files from time to time but not that often so I'd like an option in Settings to NOT scan the collection on every reboot. I have no problem doing it myself manually if I need to as I perfectly know when I add files to the collection. - Beta2 : I set back the Classic skin, by far my favorite but the "Poweramp LockScreen" doesn't take it. In fact, it takes it but partially because the control buttons (Prev, Play/Pause, Next) seem to be taken from "Aluminium" skin. Checking the option "Use default theme" indeed switches to the "Neon" theme and unchecking it shows the same bug again, so no luck for now. Finally, a suggestion : - In the library listing, I miss a "Random 50" (or "Random 100") to build a playlist out of 50/100 randomly taken songs from the whole library. This is something I use a lot in my desktop player and it's very nice to play songs you "wouldn't think of" if you had to select songs yourself. Keep up the good work !
  15. Firstly, I absolutely love the app! I use it in the car every day. Along with the Resume on Headset Connect, how about Resume/Pause on Charge State and Resume/Pause on Car Mode. Each time I get in the car, I find myself restarting the song or skipping to the next one because it resumes where I left off. Having the option to jump to the start of the song if the player has been paused for more than 15/30/etc. minutes would be nice. On Resume by Headset Connect, etc. (anything other than manual unpause) If (time since last pause > 15 minutes) If (Track% < 50%) jump to beginning Else jump to next track Cheers.
  16. Hi, I wasn't able to wait, I installed the beta1 and purchased the unlocker, so far so good As I previously stated, I had hard time finding something to complain about but I finally found a very small thing so here it is. In the main interface, when you Pause the music, the time counter at bottom left blinks and pressing it resets the counter to 0:00 which I like a lot. When using the lock screen frontend, the counter still blinks on Pause but can't be pressed anymore. Yep, that's the only thing I complain about Poweramp because except that, this app is absolutely brilliant :-)
  17. Hi, Ok now, I tried the 2.0 beta and... :shock: :shock: :shock: ! Wow... I'm having hard time finding something to complain about :mrgreen: All my OGG files have a nicely displayed embedded album art and even better, I can prevent the standard "Media Scanner" to dig into my Music folder(s). maxmpz: As soon as you release Poweramp 2.0, you can count a new customer !
  18. Hi, I tested the current version of Poweramp and all my music collection is exclusively using OGG Vorbis format. Everything is fine from an audio perspective but none of my files show the embeded Album Art which is very annoying. I've tested several players, they all sound good and support OGG but NONE of them support embeded album art with OGG :cry: Of all tested players, Poweramp is, as of now, my favourite, hence the post in this forum. I'm willing to register but I'll definitely wait until Album Art is fully supported. Happy coding
  19. Хотелось бы функции поиска и добавления текстов песен на подобии того, как сделано это с обложками альбомов.
  20. Добрый день! В общем, обнаружил сегодня на одном известном отечественном сайте, посвященном смартфонам, вот такую вот взломанную версию сабжа - *****В то же время правила указанного сайта вроде как прямо запрещают публикацию отечественного вареза, и вообще
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