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  1. My USB DAC is not detected. Maybe a exclusive mode may be necessary for it to work like UAPP or Hiby have as it works on those players? Using SMSL iDEA with Moto X Style on Pie Android.
  2. @Stevieex23 All devices that output audio have a DAC, the style although using a SD808 does not use the SD DAC but other solution that has a fixed bit depth of 16bits and a 48kHz sample rate. So no it does not support 24bit audio rendering, even if you use the Samsung trick to fool Poweramp into enabling 24bit audio output the android mixer will render the audio as 16bit 48kHz. @JJ Singh No one is saying that you shouldn't use the high resolution output but trying to explain why a standard resolution stream has no noise and why you may have noise in standard resolution output. The only player that I'm aware that uses direct DAC output is UAPP because it uses a custom driver to acess the DAC (either built in or USB), the rest of the players uses the android native driver. Now if you make the player apply some specific flags to the stream, audio may be rendered via a different path or use different features of the DAC and fix some of the issues you're having (that's what Poweramp and some other players may be doing). Regarding sample rates, Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem says that in order to record a specific frequency you need to have a sample rate that is at least twice the frequency of the original signal. So a 48kHz sample rate will produce audio with a maximum frequency of 24kHz (this related to "sampling rate of 48KHz(~24KHz preserved)", nothing is lost, it's just the way it works). Also, even your headphones are overkill (regarding to frequency) as the human ear tops at around 20kHz and hearing degrades with age (not volume but sensitivity to higher frequencies). In the end I cant really put my finger on why with different devices you had noise but as @Noobie said, "Noise even at a low volume means faulty DAC" or as I've said bad audio implementation. I've had a few devices (Motorola Defy, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Moto X Style, Umidigi Crystal, GGMM A1 DAC, S.M.S.L. iDEA USB DAC) and only the Defy had background noise. High resolution output does not magically produce higher quality audio. Cheers!
  3. If you listen to noise with low volume the problem is in the audio implementation on your device. The high res implementation used by Poweramp probably bypasses the Android audio resampler that is awful (in your device) and that's why you no longer hear noise. Dynamic range has nothing to do with noise. I have no issues with either the internal DAC of my device (Moto X Style) or my USB DAC (smsl idea) using AKG Y50 headphones (links with audio quality reviews embedded). Mate your idea of high resolution audio is not good, just read this and see why high res audio is a gimmic https://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html Cheers.
  4. You're aware that the difference between 16bit and 24bit is dynamic range right? It's the difference between the loudest and the most silent sounds. 16bit has a 96dB range while 24bit has a 144dB range. The human ear has a "static" range of about 60dB so even undithered 16 bit audio has more range than the human ear. Now surely there's some problem if you can ear floor noise on your equipment with 16bit audio. Also aren't you confusing 24bit decoding that all players do with 24bit audio output (rendering)?
  5. Are you saying that you can distinguish between a 16bit and a 24bit stream? Really?
  6. Maximum audio frequency does not mean better audio quality. Besides most stuff beyond 48khz is just greed as you won't be able to listen to it anyway due to human ear limitations.
  7. It seems that quite a few devices can support 24bit output with the Samsung mod in build.prop so it would be easier to let the user choose the variant (Lenovo hifi, Samsung uhqa pcm, Snapdragon 24 bit, etc) instead of having a database of compatible devices or having the app "guess" the variant. Both my Moto X Style and Umidigi Crystal have 24bit output with the mod (crystal was outputting in 24 bit using java out anyway). Changing the manufacturer in my Moto X messes with some stuff like the camera not connecting anymore, etc. A new build with just that change would be nice.
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