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  1. Yes, that, so my point was that when you swipe down and then back up, or vice versa, to be able to transition between the lyrics/song list, without having to re-swipe. I know it's nit-picking, but would be more intuitive and nice
  2. I love the animations in PA, they're very fluid and really satisfying, but one thing I find being a little miss is the thing shown in the video. Could you connect the animation/menus/or however they're called between lyrics and song list? Thanks Screen_Recording_20231213_070504_Poweramp.mp4
  3. I don't know about others, but not only once it happened that I remembered some lyrics to a song I'm sure I have but just forgot it's name or something. It would be nice if there was a possibility to use the search function to also search through the .lrc files or embedded ones. It's probably gonna be a bit resource intensive, but after a bit of indexing it might work.. I think.. Thanks!
  4. @maxmp ok I didn't word it really well Crash not as in the app turns off, but I skip to next song, the album art of the next song shows up, but the previous song still plays and the app is unresponsive until I force stop it. It happened sometimes in previous builds too, but not as much. And about the lyrics issue, I think it's because there was somewhere discussed the order that songs will take lyrics and from where, like some songs that have .lrc files show the non synchronised lyrics embedded and so on. But that doesn't explain the fact that some songs that have nothing embedded show nothing at all even if the .lrc file is present (yes with the same name and whatever, they worked before). That probably means that Poweramp doesn't read the .lrc files at all. Edit: also the downloaded album art through Poweramp doesn't show up even when I try to reapply it, only shows a blank cover or the embedded one
  5. So build 976 I have a problem with .LRC files It worked perfectly before the update, now every song that has a .lrc file instead of embedded lyrics doesn't display them and the app is crashing when switching between songs and the lyrics tab is open
  6. @andrewilley would it be possible to make the functionality similar to Oto Music? Where there is an option to auto-download the lyrics/synced lyrics for a certain song from an online database?
  7. What is the probability of a "most played artists", "albums" and "genres" subcategories of the <most played> section to be added to PA?
  8. For example I'm now upgrading some of my songs that are still in mp3s with their flac counterpart and it would be nice if there was a way to transfer the number of plays a certain song had and it's rating to the song with the same name and/or metadata but a different extension ".flac/.mp3/.wav etc"
  9. If this ever gets added, make it a toggle switch, I like the current ui
  10. Eh, it was worth a try anyways.. There's no practical use, but like some other requests, it's a "feature" (if you can call it that) that's more for aesthetic purposes than functionality. Perhaps in a distant future when there wouldn't be any other major things to implement.
  11. I have a suggestion, as a former owner of some iPods, I really liked the idea of having your album arts displayed in a coverflow form. It would be cool to have an option that when rotated in landscape, and activated in settings, the old iPod/iOS<6 Coverflow UI (perhaps more rounded) to appear.
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