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  1. Cheers Max. Yeah anything that would give you a sense of how long is left would be useful. For me even a console print would work cos my stuff is alphabetical which is probably true for many other folks too. But I guess a percentage-omoter probably ain't too hard to code... Interesting news about android 10, is it deliberately gimped or did they F up the code somehow?!
  2. Hi, I'm having Poweramp scan ~350gb of music on my microSD which is taking ages which is totally understandable and fine. Two things though: Bug: having started the process, it seems the scanner has successfully indexed the entire collection (all album folders seem present, folders say the correct number of items (tracks) inside, folders have the album art), but no tracks are actually inside the folders, and the total time of tracks in the folder is zero. I presume this is a sort of placeholder / midway progress situation whereby the scanner has done an initial index and built the library, and then does a second pass to scan the file for metadata (e.g.) and only at that point does it become playable? Feature request: while scanning it would be great to have a progress bar and/or a text console which prints the currently scanning folder. Cheers!
  3. More a fair request than a bug, I guess. If folder structure is: Music/artist/album And album contains songs with art, being in folder 'artist' will show folder 'album' with said art. But being in folder 'music' will show folder 'artist' with no art... Even if there's only one folder. I concede that if there's >1 folder/conflicting art, a decision rule would be needed. But for only one? Is it possible to code Poweramp to pull the art from the first folder, for example?
  4. +1 for this. Relatedly, if/while staying with the unlocker app, there's the option to hide the unlocker app from the app list, but it would also be nice to have an option saying "prevent creation of homescreen shortcut"
  5. +1, also during whatsapp media playback, e.g. voice notes
  6. And I suspect that Shuttle+ - good player though it is - somewhat only has room to exist because of the design of Poweramp, i.e. it's filling this gap.
  7. Hi all. One feature I've noticed shuttle+ has which is nice* is that the notification icon persists after the last track has finished, rather than immediately disappearing. I imagine many other people access PA via the notification dragdown, so at a time when one is highly likely to want to access PA, the intuitive way of doing so is not available, which is slightly confounding & annoying. Any chance we could have the default or option for a persistence, possibly for a user-definable duration if there's no android default and hence you guys have to code the time period anyway? Cheers! *sorry for comparison, I imagine it's grating for devs!
  8. this is probably redundant now there's the mini "now playing" button in the top left (which is well conceived/designed, nice work), but the request here is opposite to what others have asked for elsewhere (Dylie's post) for the back button to go up a level, as the up icon currently does.
  9. +1 for this. Unlike Dylie, I DID opt for a different one (shuttle+ beta) partially because of the unintuitive back button behaviour. Please could we have Dylie's suggestion? The current behaviour doesn't confirm to prescribed android UI guidelines (AFAIK) and because it behaves unlike the rest of the ecosystem, it's exceedingly hard to learn to use it differently. Thanks! (this would also negate the need for the up button in the top left I believe?)
  10. If I select an album and play it, it plays from track 1 to the end, say, 12. I'm usually on my bike, and listening through headphones with play controls. If I hit 'play' after the album has ended, I expect the album to start again from the top, however - because the final track (12) is shown and thus selected, it'll just play this again. This feels unintuitive... Suggestion: Could it be an option that after an album finishes, the player stops, then the focus changes back to whatever the user decides, either: - Final track (current default) - First track of current list (e.g. track 1 of album, or first track of a playlist) - First track of next album - Begin shuffle of all collection - Anything else?
  11. +1. Ideally with options & levels for notifications types, e.g. I'd like to be pause interrupted for calls, quiet notification during song for emails, bit louder for texts and whatsapps, medium for calendar reminders. And loud for navigation.
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