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  1. * Poweramp V3 838 arm64 * s7 edge SM-G935F, oneplus6 * android oreo, pie * bug: once selecting to list the music folder/all songs by filename the songs are not listed correctly here is some examples in screenshots,
  2. S7 edge exynos SM-G935F I can enable Hi-Res at 192khz like oreo but NO DVC its fadded for headphone/aux output Black diamond note FE port V4 pie oneui (audiohal is from the note device not modded or anything else in the rom) https://forum.xda-developers.com/s7-edge/development/blackdiamondfesmooth-fastv1-0-t3915483 audio_policy.conf the build/prop carries note8 codename for getting led cover to work idk if that's he reason
  3. Is it possible to have steps on the eq? Like +1 +2 +3..... making a specific present is abit hard without knowing the values we pick, Thanks in advanced
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