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  1. Can you add lock screen options while on visualization?
  2. There is the name of radio station, Rage Music Philippines, but other stations doesn't have that... So please add a name for a radio station
  3. Can you please add naming the stream url save on streams. THANK YOU.M
  4. @andrewilley @maxmp go here https://www.spinorama.org/eqs.html It's like AutoEq but this is for loudspeakers
  5. Can you add this on your future builds? Spinorama : a library to display speaker frequency response and similar graphs https://github.com/pierreaubert/spinorama
  6. I agree that a single in-app purchase is preferable. However, dividing the cost for extra features might deter users and lead to negative outcomes. Many users value the current one-time purchase model and regular updates. Introducing multiple payments could result in bad reviews and user abandonment. A solution could be raising the full version price for new users and implementing a small one-time fee for existing users. Allowing features, even if unused, with the option to disable them without affecting performance is essential.
  7. @jimlg try this url https://listen-nation.sharp-stream.com/lovenation.mp3
  8. @maxmp nice to hear that... looking forward to next update.
  9. The LSC and HSC Audio Filters from AutoEq are not shown on recent updates.
  10. Here is the Adam Audio JSON format that you can import, it contains 6 presets. Adam Audio.json
  11. I created an Autoeq presets of Adam Audio based on Spinorama. Can you add this on Poweramp equalizer. I will create more on future. Loudspeakers.zip
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