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Find Missing Playlist files


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Sorry, if this has been posted before but I find that from time to time I need to reorganise my songs/folders. In doing so, any playlists that contained any of these songs will report it as missing even though it's still there just in a different location.

It'd be handy if when a missing song is flagged in a playlist it would give you the option to search for the song or offer to automatically scan for missing songs if they haven't been manually deleted. And also, if a song does exist in a playlist and you delete it, maybe a warning or notification that the song belongs to a particular playlist and won't be available (obviously) if deleted with an option to also remove from the playlist/playlists it belongs to on deletion.

Just helps to keep tings tidy

Many thanks

Oh, and just one other thing, maybe an option to export songs along with a playlist. Sometimes I want a particular playlist of songs on my laptop or tablet for when I travel and it's be really useful if I could export that playlist with the songs it contains so I can drag them onto my other device

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Poweramp's main focus is on sound quality and in my opinion is unsurpassed. However, as you point out, it lacks certain functionality with regards to managing playlists. As a result of similar postings, i have developed specific functionality in my app New Playlist Manager, to fill some of these gaps. To address your points, you can preserve your playlists by exporting as m3u. Even when you move your music, simply import the old m3u playlist and it will recreate it. There is also an option to copy or move tracks on a playlist to a different folder. Its most wanted feature though is its ability to export and import Poweramp ratings.

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