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Auto playlist with stars notation

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Actually I have to create a playlist and to manually add music with the number of stars I want to choose, one by one.

Some music applications have an automatique adding in playlist in function of the level of the notation.

What I should like is :

- Creating a playlist
- (New) a "Star Option" to automatically add music in function of its number of stars (5, 4, 3, 2, 1).
- naming and saving playlist

If I choose 5 in the "stars option", each time I note a music with 5 stars, it is automatically added to this playlist
If i choose 4 in the "stars option", each time I note a music 4 or 5 stars, it is automatically added to this playlist

If automatic is too much complcated, you can add a manual scan option somewhere.

This option is evident, I should like to sort all my musics form their albums to listen only the music I like.


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Sounds like the sort of thing Smart Playlists would address, where you define some specific criteria for a Playlist which would automatically change the content each time you play the list. That has been requested in the past, but is not currently imminent as far as I know:

On 4/28/2022 at 11:05 AM, andrewilley said:
  • Smart / Dynamic Playlists (support for wildcards in folder/filenames in M3U playlists, auto-filtering, and updating of lists ' on the fly' by pre-defined criteria) [ LINK1  LINK2  LINK3 ]

Also, remember that Albums do not have ratings, only the individual songs within them do.


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It is a pity that the automatic management of playlists is not yet on the agenda.
We can do it by hand but each time new songs are rated, we will have to think about going manually, adding them to the playlist.

Putting stars is good but if you can't use it for a reading choice, it's useless.
Currently we can only sort in ascending or descending order of the number of stars but not a real selection.
Otherwise you can just add a filter on the number of stars? I think it can be done easily and quickly without overloading Poweramp.


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Poweramp is an android application and personally I use it mainly to listen to music in the car.

My usage is as follows:

I have a new album, so I listen to all the tracks and rate them with stars (it is quick and easy to do with only one hand).

Once all the songs on the album have been rated, I come back to my playlist (5 or 4 stars for example) and I shouldn't have to add these new songs because let's not forget, I'm driving 😉

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Trying to think of a work-around, as I don't think dynamic playlists will appear any time very soon, but I can't really work out a way to listen to just some songs in an album based on ratings - other than to manually add the songs to a Playlist or the Queue in advance. And as I said, Albums don't have ratings anyway, only songs do.

@flyingdutchman can MPM do this dynamically, create playlists which change on-the-fly in the background?


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@andrewilley MPM has a "Smart Playlist" option. First build your query eg Ratings > 2 AND < 5 AND Times Played <> 0, save it and create a new playlist by running it.

Next, reload the query and link it to the new playlistyou just created, save it.

There are 2 options for updating the playlist a) set it to run each time you load the app or click the menu option to update the smart playlists. If you have more than one smart playlist, it will work through all of them.


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