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  1. OK, I'll try it. I saw that as a solution initially, but was apprehensive as I didn't understand the warning. Love the app, but a lot of the instructions are above my level of understanding. Your support helps a lot. Hey!....It worked! Thanks!
  2. I had already checked that the the SD card was Selected in settings. Strangely, I went back and re checked and this time neither Box with selected. I selected the SD card again and the message still came up when I tried to play a song. The reason I'm nervous about doing a full re scan is that there's a warning that says it will delete files that are not mounted. It seems to me that power app believes the SD card is not mounted when it actually is. Will it delete files?
  3. I just moved my SD card from my old Moto Z Play to a new S8. Getting the same unmounted storage message. I uninstalled/reinstalled Poweramp, no change. V3 Build 838, Unlocker 3 build 301 Google Music finds and plays the songs, no problem.
  4. I had internalized my SD card on my Android and was using Poweramp and playlists that I created on it. I had an issue with storage, so I used a new SD card as external storage storage. I saved my music files on the cloud before I inserted the new SD card. I'm able to use Poweramp again, however, I can't find the playlists that I created before. The playlist categories appear i.e., "workout", "slow", etc.,. However, no songs are listed in them. Any idea where I might find them? If not, Is there any way to save them in the future?
  5. I completely agree. I was quite happy with the simplicity of the previous version. Don't guild the lily. Sometimes less is more!
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