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Missing a playlist


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When I moved the app to a new phone (Android, Motorola G Power, 3rd) one of my Playlists  didn't transfer, and I don't know how to find and download it. One Playlist appears and plays perfectly. Another doesn't appear at all.

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There are two types of playlist.

File-based Playlists are M3U (or similar) files saved in your device's storage. You can just copy them from your old device to your new device along with your other music files and they should work fine.

Internal Playlists only exist within Poweramp's music database, and you'd need to first export them to individual M3U files for copying over. You can also use Settings=>Export Settings/Data on your old device, then copy the backup file over to your new device and use Settings=>Import Settings/Data (you can choose which items you wish to Export/Import).


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