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  1. I'm also having a shuffle related issue. Shuffle works until I delete a song then it seems to start playing the songs in the current folder in order until I shuffle them again. Seems that the shuffle feature needs some work
  2. Sorry, if this has been posted before but I find that from time to time I need to reorganise my songs/folders. In doing so, any playlists that contained any of these songs will report it as missing even though it's still there just in a different location. It'd be handy if when a missing song is flagged in a playlist it would give you the option to search for the song or offer to automatically scan for missing songs if they haven't been manually deleted. And also, if a song does exist in a playlist and you delete it, maybe a warning or notification that the song belongs to a particular pl
  3. I seem to have an issue on alpha build 703. All my music is stored in subfolders by genre inside a main folder on my sdcard on my Galaxy S7 so in essence I only have one folder ticked in my music folder selections. When I click on one of the subfolders (which also contains subfolders grouped by albums etc) and select shuffle, the shuffle selection seems to get stuck inside one of the subfolders. For example, if i browse to my drum and bass folder and select shuffle, the songs played may be stuck inside a subfolder named 'sets' and will shuffle through those only. I have to go through the
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