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Nav bar transparent.


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@Abhishekn I have an idea that may be appealing to you, please read the link contents. Of course, most of the themes are not installed on my device. To solve this problem and lack of themes, I think adding these features to the very program. It is necessary that the 3rd version of the program was released early on, there was not much of this. I hope that this feature will be added to Poweramp in the future.

@blaubär @djdarko

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11 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

@abhisek I do not really understand what this is about,. Max's sample has the transparent navbar option. I have also implemented this in my skin yyaps and i am sure that andrewo's skins also offer this. 


Personally, I want a hidden navbar because it will give a cleaner look to the UI, as it did in Poweramp V2. With this exception I'm satisfied with the default skins.

I just tested this feature on your YAPS and it doesn't seem to work, it makes the Poweramp navbar clear but doesn't affect the Android navbar:



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