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  1. blaubär

    Bogus shuffle activation

    Completely remove the directory Android/data/com._maxmpz after deinstalling Poweramp. If the playlists are file-based then remove them wherever they are.
  2. blaubär

    FLAC vs lossy sound quality

    So DTS is a new audio format. Are your flac-files especially made for DTS ? I found the following description : https://www.androidauthority.com/lg-g7-dts-x-virtual-surround-sound-861225/ In a nutshell, DTS:X is a relatively new surround sound audio codec that’s designed to compete with the popular Dolby Atmos standard. DTS:X offers up a number of features to improve your smartphone listening experience. First up, phones sporting the tech will be able to play video and audio files that support the format. DTS:X is an object-based audio standard, which means that sound sources are tagged with a location in a 3D space, rather than being pre-mixed into 5.1 or 7.1 channels. This includes new height or z-axis data. These objects are then mixed down by the audio receiver on the device for the given speaker setup, or in this case, a smartphone, to give a surround sound output. However, in a phone we’re looking at virtual surround sound over stereo speakers or preferably headphones. DTS:X is also fully backward compatible with other DTS formats.
  3. blaubär

    *Clean* uninstall

    No, it's not bad manners. It's just Poweramp not being perfect and filling the market niche for users with a bit of technical know how so that they can remove a directory.
  4. blaubär

    Bogus shuffle activation

    This being active doesn't mean that you're shuffling but that you can press the button to start shuffling. It's known that this isn't consistent with the way the shuffle button on the main playing screen works. @Maxmp announced that he intends to adapt this.
  5. blaubär

    Bogus shuffle activation

    A screenshot of your shuffle options would, ok might, help.
  6. Settings > Export Settings will export the settings, after uninstall and reinstall you can reimport them Edit: sorry, didn't read the "only" ... ok, so you knew that already 😀
  7. blaubär

    Showing wrong song at the bottom

    This is such a frequent incident, and not reproducible by the developers ... I wonder whether @maxmp could create a Poweramp version with a high enough log level enabled so that the user's that CAN reproduce this would then provide clues as to the root cause.
  8. blaubär

    Queue Enhacements

    There are two issues here: the queue is just a temporary fifo, and Poweramp works song based. If the latter were enhanced to add album, folder or the like as meaningful entities, eg by an oo polymorphism, then one could easily implement putting any entity into the queue, where it could be changed, moved etc without losing its identity. But I guess that would be outside of Poweramp's scope.
  9. blaubär

    Better way to shuffle?

    Do you choose from "All Artist Songs" or one of the artist's albums ? Which shuffle mode do you use, "Shuffle All", "Shuffle Songs" or "Shuffle Songs/Categories" ?
  10. blaubär

    Better way to shuffle?

    You start via Library, choose an artist, then choose "All Artist Songs" or one of the artist's albums ? Then you tap on one song in the list view and this starts playing. Then Poweramp automatically switches to the main playing screen ? What shuffle mode is display there ? "Shuffle All", "Shuffle Songs" or "Shuffle Songs/Categories" ? The effect then is the following : shuffling of all songs, not just the artists, but the songs aren't randomly distributed across the artists. Correct ?
  11. blaubär

    Bogus shuffle activation

    Could you provide the screenshot where we see that shuffle is off ? Can be found on the main playing screen.
  12. blaubär

    Poweramp Build 823

    There are users who want this counter to be increased only selectively, and there have been bugfixes due to wrong increase
  13. blaubär

    Can we please suggest this one thing?

    Tried the alternative layout?
  14. blaubär

    Shuffle being to broad.

    Did you try to disable Settings > Library > Lists > Shuffle All Songs In Folder Hierachy ?
  15. It seems this upscaling feature belongs to "Dolby Atmos" : https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00080318/ The purpose of the bit/bandwidth mode seems to improve the music :-) : A more advanced upscaling option that will make the sound quality higher.