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  1. blaubär

    Duplicate songs under albums

    Did you perhaps do the move to SD card and then erroneously did another copy command ? So that now each subdirectory is duplicated, the duplicate with an additional "(1)" in its name ? Or first a copy, then a move to get rid of the data in the internal memory ?
  2. blaubär

    Duplicate songs under albums

    And that directory does contain a subdirectory Does it also contain a subdirectory Perhaps both directories are there ? Or there is a link ?
  3. blaubär

    Duplicate songs under albums

    Did you set the music folders in Settings > Library > Music Folders ? If not, choose the directories where the music now resides.
  4. blaubär

    Duplicate songs under albums

    When you show the info for both entries of a song, are they absolutely equal and point to the same file?
  5. blaubär

    Duplicate songs under albums

    Settings > Library then scroll to the bottom
  6. blaubär

    Global Equalizer

    No. There were and are equalizer apps on android. But they are just user interfaces for the android standard equalizer.
  7. blaubär

    Poweramp Build 828

    Try Settings > Audio > Output > Restore Defaults
  8. blaubär

    Global Equalizer

  9. blaubär

    v3 build 823 - High Battery Consumption

    Poweramp is not the only app that does this - NYT beta might also be affected
  10. blaubär

    Limiter vs. Preamp

    Whatever - if you switch off DVC and set volume low, you can easily produce distortions that aren't limited by the limiter, see And maybe that's a feature and not a bug. That's the reason I created this topic. ( There's another well known MP that already has this feature, there they call it "automatic gain protection", I take that as an indication that it shouldn't be impossible to realize )
  11. blaubär

    Limiter vs. Preamp

    Currently the limiter only limits if and when the final output to the DAC exceeds the maximum allowed value. It generally doesn't prevent distortion arising from preamp and equalizer. See the discussions here : I propose to change this : The limiter should take action when the output of the DSP exceeds the maximum value, thereby effectively preventing distortions, and that then wouldn't depend on the volume level.
  12. blaubär

    Resuming long track

    Perhaps the library is broken ? Does Settings > Library > Full Rescan help ?