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  1. blaubär

    Imbeded covers

    What does it mean to integrate a cover as "embedded pocket" ? Does this refer to the app "Pocket" ?
  2. blaubär

    Imbeded covers

    Tell me, is your post an ad for the tool you mentioned ? EDIT : I'm sorry, I misunderstood your post.
  3. 1. Buy decent headphones 2. Disable equalizer and tone 3. Disable any sound effects from os 4. Use not especially high resolution audio files, but at least mp3 >= 192 kbit/s
  4. blaubär

    The Music - What Are You Listening to?

    Horace Silver - Serenade to a Soul Sister
  5. blaubär

    The Music - What Are You Listening to?

    And what is it like musically ?
  6. blaubär

    "Easy delete"

    You mean like: live hard, die young Ok, but if it is such a bother to press 3 buttons ... what with the bother to re-add the accidently deleted songs ?
  7. blaubär

    "Easy delete"

    That would be a dangeous option.
  8. blaubär

    Hi-res Output:sample rate 384khz

    "Adapt Sound" is part of Samsung's android implementation. If it doesn't support this sampling rate then there's probably nothing that Poweramp can do about this.
  9. blaubär

    DVC on the Oneplus 7

    Disable tone and equalizer and compare again.
  10. blaubär

    Parametric Equalizer possible?

    Something is already in the planning phase.
  11. blaubär

    Poweramp downsample 48 khz to 44.1

    That seems to be a multi-Channel-encryption https://whatis.techtarget.com/fileformat/AC3-Dolby-Digital-audio-files-used-on-DVDs
  12. blaubär

    Sort by Album, then by track

    You can choose the order in the list options. Accessible via 3-dot-button.
  13. blaubär

    Remove Fade

    Does this happen with all sorts of encodings ?
  14. blaubär

    Visualizations request

    No idea ... I agree, that was a big IF
  15. blaubär

    Visualizations request

    If you can get a milkdrop visualization that does this, you can add it yourself.