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  1. I didn't try it myself - but I think the other Options show in my screenshot "Album Artist Label for Tracks" and "Album Artist Label for Albums" should help. ( If PA doesn't start a full rescan automatically after changing these settings you might start one manually )
  2. blaubär

    True Hi-Res spectrum analyzer

    I'm afraid milkdrop won't be able to do this. After all this is NOT a TRUE spectrum analyzer, but a visualization, designed for recreational rather than scientific purposes. But you are free to find or write a better milkdrop preset. If you find one, put it into the directory and rescan the presets, then you can use it. My favourite one is the built-in "spectrum-centered-wide". I don't know its lower boundary for sure, but when I play a frequency sweep it already responds when the frequency is too low for me to hear, so that would mean at least as low as 20 Hz or so. I don't know the milkdrop interface. But if it gets or makes a fast fourier transform to get the spectrum ( and what else should it do ? ) then we can expect the lowest area to contain all frequencies from zero upward. It would depend on the graphics of the chosen preset whether this is shown of course.
  3. blaubär

    Show Current Values of Each Equalizer Slider

    In the meantime: does anybody know what the equalizer changing a step respectively changing to minimum/maximum amounts to in db ? And whether the steps are equidistant when measured in db ?
  4. " Poweramp v3 is only compatible with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher, however users of devices running KitKat (4.x) and earlier can still continue to use the old final v2 build (588). "
  5. blaubär

    Show Current Values of Each Equalizer Slider

    I also would like to see the value of the slider settings, preferrably in unit decibel.
  6. That ist because generally an album is defined as the set of songs with the same album artist and album title. There are several options regarding use of album artist tags in Settings -> Library -> List. You might try "Join Albums".
  7. blaubär

    Queue repeats at end

    I could reproduce parts of the behaviour. I set crossfade to 15s and played the last song of an album. It stopped 15s before the end of the song, as if it had played the song to the end. I suppose this might have nothing to do with repeat or queue, but might be a bug with crossfade.
  8. blaubär

    Queue repeats at end

    another thought : are you sure the queue repeats itself ? perhaps you have queued the same songs over and over ! look at the info bar, muliple taps there switch through a lot of useful information - does the song number increment and then start again at 1 ? Or does keep incrementing ?
  9. blaubär

    Queue repeats at end

    Another silly thought : what do you mean by "a" queue ? In PA there is exactly one queue ! All else you play is just called a "list" or "category". So you don't by chance use "queue" as synonym for "list" ?
  10. blaubär

    Queue repeats at end

    I tried to reproduce this : I set shuffle and repeat off, set stay in queue at end of queue, added songs to the queue. It played the queue, during the last song the info bar showed that end of queue would be next ( do you see that too ? ), then it showed list finished and stopped. Perhaps it's a library issue - did you try a full rescan ?
  11. blaubär

    Direct Volume Control

    I found this : https://www.head-fi.org/threads/best-android-music-player-app.638387/page-2 . That's the Direct Volume Control feature kicking in. It adjusts the system volume such that if you do boosts in the graphic EQ, what it does instead is boost the system volume then apply EQ cut to everything except the boosted band. If you disable DVC in settings, have a flat EQ and push the preamp to max, the sound does not change, either in volume or timbre, the moment the EQ is turned on or off. But Direct Volume Control is a good feature, as long as it works properly (it doesn't on my phone, volume changes are not applied properly) and as long as people don't get paranoid about that pause when the EQ is turned on or off.
  12. blaubär

    Poweramp Build 816

    Perhaps a DVC effect ? Do you have DVC enabled ?
  13. blaubär

    Poweramp Build 816

    Does this happen only after you chang the output plugin to Hi-Res ? Or always after Start of Poweramp ? That would be inconvenient 😞