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  1. blaubär

    v3 build 823 - High Battery Consumption

    Poweramp is not the only app that does this - NYT beta might also be affected
  2. blaubär

    Limiter vs. Preamp

    Currently the limiter only limits if and when the final output to the DAC exceeds the maximum allowed value. It generally doesn't prevent distortion arising from preamp and equalizer. See the discussions here : I propose to change this : The limiter should take action when the output of the DSP exceeds the maximum value, thereby effectively preventing distortions, and that then wouldn't depend on the volume level.
  3. blaubär

    Limiter vs. Preamp

    Whatever - if you switch off DVC and set volume low, you can easily produce distortions that aren't limited by the limiter, see And maybe that's a feature and not a bug. That's the reason I created this topic. ( There's another well known MP that already has this feature, there they call it "automatic gain protection", I take that as an indication that it shouldn't be impossible to realize )
  4. blaubär

    Resuming long track

    Perhaps the library is broken ? Does Settings > Library > Full Rescan help ?
  5. blaubär

    Remember playback positions in tracks

    Yes, we've had that in the past. It seems that on your device it looks for Poweramp as if the storage had been removed and a new storage added. Search these forums, perhaps there had been a workaround.
  6. blaubär

    Resuming long track

    Settings > Library > Store/Restore....
  7. Yes, that would come useful. On rare occasions this already happens, most people then regard this as a bug rather than a feature : On my Samsung S7 with Android 8 this has happended once or twice, but only temporary, and I couldn't reproduce it afterwards. So I guess it might be possible fro the Poweramp app to do this on purpose.
  8. As a further workaround, you could uniformly reduce all equalizer sliders from 31 to 16K as far as possible. This might slightly alter the sound though, because the eq filter curves won't necessarily add up to a really uniform decrease. But try it, perhaps it's good enough for background music.
  9. You could uninstall and reinstall Poweramp, perhaps that helps. ( settings and playlists will get lost, so export and save before uninstall )
  10. As a workaround you could reduce the preamp in the equalizer screen.
  11. The Re-Scan was a FULL rescan ? Settings > Library > Full Rescan
  12. I think he wants to configure the thresholds for accepting a press as a long press and a finger movement as a swipe.
  13. Deinstall Poweramp, then Reinstall. ( playlists, presets, settings etc will be deleted, settings and playlists can be exported and saved )
  14. Go to Settings > Library > Music Folder, unselect the old entries, do a full rescan, select the new directories, do a full rescan
  15. blaubär

    Volume less louder than stock player

    Got to Settings > Audio > Output. Hit Restore Defaults, does this change anything ? Then you could try another Output Plugin ( OpenSL, High-Res, Audiotrack ), does that make a difference ? On some Androids the developer options allow to set "Diable Absolute Volume" in the Bluetooth section, if you use BT you might try that. If all that doesn't help, please provide some information about your device, os, pa build.
  16. blaubär

    How to prevent Poweramp from being killed?

    Remove Poweramp from the list of apps that are optimized by the operating system. Add it to the list of apps that aren't. The wording will differ across android versions.
  17. blaubär

    Adding tracks to favourlte folder

    If you're playing the song then the music file is already in a folder on your device, right ? And you want to copy ( or move ? ) it to another folder ? No, you cannot do that with Poweramp. ( and what would be the purpose ? ) Or do you want to add the song to a playlist ? On Main Playing Screen : tap 3-dot-button > Add to Playlist, On List View : long press song > + Playlist
  18. blaubär

    Poweramp FAQs / Tutorials

    That will be very helpful !
  19. blaubär

    mp3 tags not scanned on new music on SD card

    I thought perhaps that shutting down PA completely including background processes could help. You had thougths in the same direction :
  20. blaubär

    mp3 tags not scanned on new music on SD card

    Does it make a difference if the player is running when the new data are added ?
  21. blaubär

    The cover does not appear

    Yep, I can reproduce that on Samsung S7 Oreo Build 828
  22. blaubär

    Music ''jumps'' after update in Xiaomi Note 6 Pro

    Mmm... does this happen with files from internal memory or SD card ? Whatever you have, could you try the other ?
  23. blaubär

    Music ''jumps'' after update in Xiaomi Note 6 Pro

    You'll have to go two steps further from Output, as I wrote , to Settings > Audio > Output > [plugin] > [device]