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  1. The tags should be the gospel for your music in my opinion. Far more reliable than the filenames. But if this is the case with your library, can I suggest a quick fix with a decent tag editor? Most can take details even from your filenames, and update the tags accordingly. I can recommend mp3tag, but there are plenty of others as well.
  2. Agreed. Or do the Artist a favour and buy their music on CD. Then you can rip at whatever quality you want, and have a back-up for the future.
  3. Are the covers embedded in the music files, or separate in the folders? Or were these album and artist images downloaded by Poweramp in the past?
  4. Were they stored on your device, or in their cloud? I don't use Google Play or YTM, but I'd be pretty angry if I purchased tracks and had them stored locally, that are no longer available.
  5. I am not aware of any "Streaming" music app that allows even downloaded content to be played by any other apps. A these are streaming services, you are only paying to have access to their media through their service, and then only while you are maintaining your subscription. Only files you actually purchase (i.e. not pay to stream) can be played in a media player such as Poweramp. These can be lossy (mp3, wma) or lossless (FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, etc) but regardless the files must be either purchased (Apple, Amazon, HDtracks, ProStudio Masters) or ripped from your own collection.
  6. This is correct behaviour, spaces are ignored in the symbol definition, and trimmed in the Artist list. Thanks for clarifying.
  7. @andrewilley I thought that spaces could be defined as part of the separator so that "&" and " & " could yield different results. Example; Smith&Wesson - separator "&" yields two artists "Smith" "Wesson" but separator " & " only yields one artist as original.
  8. Yes, be sure to include the spaces when you define the separator for Poweramp. EDIT: After a few tests I can confirm the spaces are trimmed. These are not required to be added in the defined symbol. In fact Poweramp removes any leading or trailing spaces when you save the symbol.
  9. Missed that part, but is still may take some time after a full boot to have access to the external uSD. Especially on older/slower processors. @Mcluvnlife if you wait until you see Android report the SD card is ready, then start Poweramp, does it work as expected? You should not have to rescan the library unless you actually make changes.
  10. If it isn't in the default Music folder stored on the internal storage, you will need to tell Poweramp where it is. Settings>Library>Music Folders
  11. How long are you waiting after restarting your device? I find in android 10 and now 11 it takes some time for the OS to refresh and make external SD access available again. Before you start Poweramp, wait until you see the toast pop up to show the uSD card is ready.
  12. Did you also run the FULL RESCAN that was suggested earlier? At the top of the library list it should show how many folders, playlists, and songs Poweramp has found. Running a Full Rescan will 0 these out and start looking in your confirmed folders again.
  13. If you have the AlbumArtist tag filled, use that list as it will not show Artists from compilation Albums (except when playing).
  14. For iTunes, you have to make sure the images are embedded, otherwise these images are stored elsewhere and only accessible by iTunes' database. A full rescan of 1GB+ should take a bit longer than a few seconds. Make sure you have pointed the Library to the correct folder, then try another Full Rescan to load them back up. BTW - No mention of your device or Android version above. But I have found in some cases a reboot is necessary after a large transfer of data if you are using an external uSD card. I think is is OS based, but not sure.
  15. Compared to the file size of even just ok quality audio files, an image size of 600x600 doesn’t generally take much more space and will look fine on a phone display. There are plenty of desktop apps that will do this in a somewhat automated way, similar to Poweramp. You may need to replace a few, but after that they are there permanently.
  16. If you want a predictable cover, always download and embed with your files. It sounds like you also need to add AlbumArtist to your tags for better Album accuracy.
  17. @sho_OnyIs there a chance the tracks you are seeing this with have more than one embedded image? Many other music player apps (including Android Auto) use the first embedded artwork, but I have found that Poweramp always displays the last one. And at least for now it isn't selectable.
  18. I actually don't mind the artwork going full width, maybe it can be an option you can select? As long as the Title and Artist - Album fields are visible that is great.
  19. LG G8thinQ with Android 10. Portrait and standard landscape layouts are fine, just the car mode has the text alignment off.
  20. Or you can respond like this and get ignored from now on by other users that had offered to help.
  21. Standard and reflected landscape layouts are ok, but with the car mode enabled the text in V137 is crushed into the waveseekbar. Can these be moved up into the blank space higher in the display?
  22. I'm fine with the layout, just missing the two info lines is not probably by design in this case.
  23. @tangotonyb You consented to the update presumably by enabling that in your phone features. Most people aren't too happy when products aren't supported after purchase. As indicated above, you can still roll back to the V2 version that was left open for legacy use. Just make sure to turn off the auto update if you want to keep it that way.
  24. Did you have a third party skin before? I don't think the default ones show album art in full screen on the now.playing screen in portrait or landscape modes.
  25. After the last update, something strange happened to the landscape layout. The album art goes full width, and the Track and Artist-Album lines are missing.
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