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  1. A delete without confirmation anywhere is a bad idea. But especially on a mobile device where accidental presses are common.
  2. Same here, thought I changed something but didn't see anything in the options. BTW this should not be in the V2 thread. @andrewilley I think this needs to move to the V3 bug thread.
  3. This was likely from Google using the backup for your device restore. As you already commented, a Full Rescan will resolve it.
  4. I'm positive the Album Artist tag has to be consistent for all tracks on a single Album. That is what keeps them grouped properly. Only the track Artist tag(s) can vary.
  5. You could easily manage this type of info management using several other tag options. In these cases you could even add a custom tag with whatever name you choose, at least with mp3tag that I can confirm from personal experience. But the Artist tags for consistency within any player and display should be just that, the Artist. If there are multiple artists as this feature request is built on, at least that is regarding other contributing Artists. Otherwise the player would have no way of separating these tag fields.
  6. Is PA set to be the default audio player, and perhaps the TV connection is driving that to bring PA from the Android side? I'd have to think that something is calling for it to wake it up. I have never had PA start up by itself in years of use on several devices. And I trust it well that there isn't anything leaking, at least from my perspective.
  7. Correct, but my point was more about the expectation for an Android app. And LMS is one of very few that currently do handle multiple Artist tags properly, even on home servers. Not that I think it precludes having it on our wish list. But the post from earlier today suggested it was an expectation to use PA now. There are no other alternatives on Android I am aware of at this time.
  8. I do agree that "Various Artists" is not universally ideal. I too use the Album Artist tag for compilations using the known assembler if it applies. For example, with so-called "Tribute" albums I use the known artist as the Album Artist. This does come down to personal preference, as do all tagging methods. But since the purpose of the Album Artist tag is to keep complete albums intact, it is essential to ensure whatever tag you assign is identical for each album track. Otherwise the structure breaks for the album sorting.
  9. I see this is your only post, not sure what you mean by good service. What other players currently support viewing multiple artists in lists or now playing? Especially on Android? This is a feature many of us would like, and I'm sure will be added in the future.
  10. Mp3tag can split Artist tags into separate, multiple fields. Even for mp3 files. But there are few players that display the extra tags and in some few cases even causes some conflicts. You can use the Merge function in mp3tag to recombine these into a single tag again, using whatever delimiter characters you define. In this case all will be displayed in Poweramp as desired.
  11. One super-small detail that I found. When pressing the hamburger menu on the main screen, the volume bar stays on top of the pop-up menu. It doesn't happen with the seekbar. This is on V112.
  12. The release today fixes the miniplayer, it is working as expected now, and better. With the now playing navbar set to transparent, the miniplayer keeps the selected background. Also, I see the new "bounce" colour added when reaching the bottom of the list, nice touch! And BTW the navbar in the list now takes the same colour background as the miniplayer, very much appreciate that one. The new gradient backgrounds are nice too, using Cyan to highlight the list now playing track and it looks good with the rest of the theme I have applied. Great work as always!
  13. If the navbar is set to transparent it looks ok in the now playing UI, but in the library list view miniplayer and NAV bar turn red instead of what the options are set to. In my case only the icon colour is set to this colour, so maybe they are picking that up somehow? Changing the navbar background colour to anything but transparent gets the selections back in the list.
  14. The cue files often don't have the correct path once copied to the new folder. You may need to edit these to the relative location. Or in your case since the actual files seem to exist for the able, you may be better to delete the cue file and let Poweramp manage the library.
  15. I'd really like to have this option as well, and my vote is to have it as an option on the right side to replace the song duration. In essence is counts down as the elapsed time on the right counts up. The toggle could be in the UI menu, or simply a long press on the time itself. It doesn't seem to currently have a function like the elapsed time does for restarting the current track. It may seem petty, but many of the original CD players had this option and that was my preference.
  16. I know, so many "hidden" cool features and shortcuts. This one is very helpful, especially for longer tracks that can't be moved back to the start in a single motion.
  17. Seems to look good with the latest update. One small bug with this though, seems long press on the elapsed time is not working to restart the song. It works in the default position.
  18. Ya not worth it just for that. But thanks for looking into it.
  19. Not sure this is the same issue. AFAIK the Bluetooth data is passed as separate fields. The combined string of Artist - Album is just on the Now Playing page for Poweramp. I have two cars with Bluetooth, both show 4/5 separate fields distinctly with Playlist, Title, Album, Artist, and Genre (genre is only in the Jeep, not my Buick). @dirkbeen are you using Android Auto when this happens, or some other interface?
  20. The bounce and bottom selection are fixed, thanks @flyingdutchman. I can't see anything with the bounce either, but many of my backgrounds colours are black or transparent. Which setting would affect the bounce colour? I mentioned a long time ago, I think the only thing I'd really like to have a switch for is the location of the Visual/ Sleep/ Repeat/ Shuffle buttons and track counter to be able to move above the album art. One other V3 skin had this once upon a time but has not been supported at all, and with many of the PA updates the functionality of that skin is broken.
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