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Poweramp v3 Project Update (please read first post for latest info before commenting)


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2 hours ago, RaidenHUN said:

Oh please. I have Nougat on S7 Edge Exynos and I doesn' have Hi-Res. It' aa shame, but I guess same goes for every other exynos s7 user. 

Im using the S7 edge Exynos with Nougat and I have Hi-Res. Make sure u install 704 and not 703.

If Max does release it today, he will be faster than Samsung releasing Oreo to the S7 edge lol.

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On 4/27/2018 at 9:14 PM, RaidenHUN said:

Well, you can try it. But let me say: I could get the same db audio with power AMP only with the built in EQ and amplifier, but for BlackPlayer it was much more lauder to begin with even though it used the built in EQ that Samsung offered - you can choose it inside of the app. - AND I did not activated the Direct Volume Control in Power AMP, so the sound should have been the same, but it wasnt.

Two points:

1. What Kado wrote was 100% correct. 

2. Loudness <> Fidelity

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Found this bothersome

-text font highlight

-Dark theme only works in settings

-Lock Screen doest not work (PA stops when switching off and on the device because of Lock screen)

-Audio Focus not fully functional...(when receiving notification audio does not return to original volume)

-and also force close sometimes (clicking the Notificatiom tab of PA does not redirect to player instead force closes)

-Notifiaction Auto color not working

But glad because hires audio is working :)






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Thank you @maxmp for the wonderful update. (Though it isn't complete and just a teaser). I'll suggest some of you read the changelog thoroughly, it says the Hi-Res thing will happily report that it's working even though it isn't. It'll work fully in next month's beta. Once again, very thankful and great job Max.


And good job Andre for keeping the wolf pack at bay. ? (Long time lurker, seen what you did day in day out)

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3 minutes ago, utahman1971 said:

Then I will have to use OpenSL ES Output, until then.

Would probably be the way to go if your output happens to be janky.


On another note the UI looks and feels fluid tbh. There seems to be some thought put into it from what I can tell initially.

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22 minutes ago, PeterFalk said:

Who else has he spent two years? Hi-res on Oreo (8.1 Oneplus 5T) does not work, there are no notifications in the shutter at all, the interface is not very convenient and not logical. I am disappointed.

But that's your opinion, which I'm assuming is based off of not reading the changelog completely. Because if you did then I'd guess you'd be saying otherwise?

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