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  1. Moderator Andre removes the objectionable comments. For idiots keeps everyone here.
  2. Oh well, it's not serious, the developer does nothing at all, a strange approach to development, nothing is known, the hierarchy in the library has not been corrected for three months already. Disgraceful
  3. There is nothing to discuss, since there is no subject for discussion. As long as there are no corrections, there's nothing to talk about. I'm waiting for corrections on the library.
  4. so we expect from the nettles not messages, but real business, I myself can tattle with my tongue as much as I want.
  5. Andre, the problem with the license is the main problem of the player. And this is not related to the latest version of Android or the player. It was always. I do not use the root of the law and lacquer patcher, but the license in the absence of the Internet, constantly flies. Moreover, the player constantly tries to check it. You see what's going on in the market.
  6. Andre, let it be as it is. The only requirement is to fix the errors of the library and, if possible, add a black theme. With the sound of problems, then there are none.
  7. When will the problem with the license be fixed? On the market, 90% of negative and malicious reviews are on this issue. Why does the player check the license permanently?
  8. You know perfectly well that this is not true, for you, Andrei, were the first to claim that Max wants to release a fully working version, which is completely untrue. It turned out that versions 705 - 709 with support for hi-res, just work fine. I just want Max to fix the problems with the 790 version, nothing else. Why again such a delay? Honestly, on
  9. Explain to me what was the point of releasing the unworkable 790 version, if due to the sound output corrections, the working version with the old interface. What prevents Max in the 790 version just fix the problems with the library or wait again for a year?
  10. I'm waiting for fixes on the functions of the library, with the rest can be reconciled. But I think that this time we will wait at least a year. Somehow it's illogical, it all looks.
  11. It is necessary to correct errors of the library by sorting the folders hierarchy, well, when it can be tested?
  12. The excellent fix (706) is what we've all been waiting for throughout the year. On my Oneplus 5T, Redmi Note 5 Pro, Sony Z5, ZTE Nubia Z11 is a great sound, full support for hi-res sound output. Very satisfied, everything you need works just fine.
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