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  1. Pindar

    (FREE) Poweramp v3 skin blue light

    Finally, thank you so much :). Pindar
  2. Pindar

    Poweramp V3 Sample Skin EN/RU

  3. Great idea, I think the same function I think in the v2 is available but en v3 was removed becausecrash the app. Pindar
  4. The mock-up 02 looks great, you did it or is a sample what you want? Pindar
  5. Pindar

    Poweramp V3 Sample Skin EN/RU

    I suggest you, if you can do a transparent the background in the text, is black and great but I think look better is only text without background black;). Pindar
  6. Pindar

    What is this?

    Give an Oscar to this guy. Pindar
  7. Pindar

    Poweramp V3 Skin FREE (795+)

    Thanks bro:D. Pindar
  8. Pindar

    Poweramp V3 Skin FREE (795+)

    @djdarko You can tell your friend if he can upload the link again? Is the sample skin I guess in white Pindar
  9. Pindar

    Poweramp beta build-796

    Same problem:/ Pindar
  10. Pindar

    Poweramp beta build-796

    In advance list the app crash When the last song over and the next is coming the app crash Pindar
  11. @gcantoni like @andrewilley write... Like that transparent ;). Pindar
  12. I recommend you make a theme or skin without the black backgrounds only text and icons, it would be great ;). Pindar
  13. Pindar

    Poweramp beta build-795

    @maxmp how i can i use that skin? It's great Pindar
  14. Pindar

    Poweramp beta build-795

    Dear @maxmp for a future update I would recommend you if it is possible that you add something like that shows the Explicit songs, it is a good recommendation;). Pindar