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  1. box not selected(marks not arrived into the box) but changes were made when i clicked on high resolution album art opt...
  2. Poweramp not working properly in multi windows...galaxy j7 nxt, android 8.1...please fix it before stable release...i posted it before bt nothing fix till now
  3. @max...when it will be fixed?????...pls fix it in next upcoming build(808)
  4. pls fix multi windows issue of Poweramp(galaxy j7 nxt, android 8.1)
  5. .......Poweramp is not supported multi windows function in most of the galaxy phones...( j7 nxt android 8.1, j7 max android 8.1 and more) ....please fix this in next build bcz it's very usefull function for us...
  6. Poweramp is not working properly in multi windows..pls fix it soon....my device is galaxy j7 nxt(android 8.1)
  7. @max... Poweramp is not supported properly in multi windows (galaxy j7 nxt, android 8.1)
  8. it's great...@max ....try to add this function pls...
  9. the sample ui will be best for us....i'll be very happy if max add this function in this music player....
  10. @andre...pls fix android 8.1 notification issue.....my galaxy j7 nxt's notification is showing very bad....
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