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  1. Is this normal? My audio Resampling is gone... even in Aux and speaker mode
  2. Im using custom rom from huawei Y3 Im sorry only this i can provide audio_policy.conf
  3. This is weird I installed 706 over 705 and hi res support is gone in 706 but when i open audio info while playing music it shows that hi res is working using the USB DAC hi res variant. And i can really tell the hi res is working when i hear the music.
  4. My Hi res support is gone when i installed this update ?
  5. I don't know if it's just me .. Android Lock screen player is working but Poweramp Lock Screen player is not working, it just Force close when switching phone off and on..
  6. Found this bothersome -text font highlight -Dark theme only works in settings -Lock Screen doest not work (PA stops when switching off and on the device because of Lock screen) -Audio Focus not fully functional...(when receiving notification audio does not return to original volume) -and also force close sometimes (clicking the Notificatiom tab of PA does not redirect to player instead force closes) -Notifiaction Auto color not working But glad because hires audio is working
  7. GUYS... Just asking if you're already a beta tester of the app the get v3 test option in setting will not show??
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