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  1. @maxmpsir 706+ build does not support experimental high resolution in redmi note 3 Oreo 8.1 V 705 supports
  2. mpschahal16

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    @maxmp Sir High resolution (Experimental) stoped working in this version was working in 705 build Redmi note 3 sd650 Nitrogen Os(8.1.0)
  3. Redmi note 3 nitrogen os 8.1 working experimental....with full potential..
  4. Which custom rom u r using here on aex no experimental no open sl hd...redmi note 3 Just tell me the rom
  5. Redmi note 3 Android 8.1 no High resolution experimental and no open sl hd available Though opensl hd was available in preview build
  6. My rom support 24 bit through deep buffer thats y it is showing 24bit in hal n fre 192khz Search for output device wired headset
  7. I m giving this proof coz when i tried that trick first time I found that my ears are not accepting that sound....so i researcd n found how to check Audio output info
  8. Sir this trick only shows that it is working but really it is not Open terminal emulator Type "su " Hit enter Then type "dumpsys media.audio_flinger" Voila reality revealed...
  9. Any information about update Or the project is dead now
  10. We r still on this forum coz max is perfectionist just see the old Poweramp version we can't find any player which can match that All that we r waiting for new build coz we r updated to latest Android due to which high resolution is not working.. I m with max coz i know how much effort is needed to built an app from 0.......but will be happy when new version is out..... Max just do it as fast as possible we all r waiting for new build n we r with u