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  1. So everytime I select a song from "Recently added" but I want the next song to be random and be selected from "All Song", I will have to manually change the shuffle mode to "Shuffle all" all the time?
  2. Hey guys, Anyone know how to restore the shuffle function back to normal? What I mean, when I select a song from "Recently Added" for some reason the Shuffle Mode automatically goes to "Shuffle Songs" which before this update, it would remain on the last used shuffle mode, in my case "Shuffle All". I like to have Poweramp always on "Shuffle All", is there a way to keep this shuffle mode all the time?
  3. Also if a track has a white album art the buttons get lost in the background
  4. Only issue I have found in the search function, pressing "X" doesn't clear the text in the search bar
  5. Im pretty sure he mentioned there is a lot of issues and its not really stable for regular use
  6. He did say most library functions dont work, so I think "Recently Added" is part of that
  7. How about the widget? The buttons work but when you press around it, it doesnt open to Poweramp. Is that normal in this version?
  8. Soon as I lock my screen, the music stops. I installed on the top of 704, should we do a complete uninstall and reinstall?
  9. His mentioned multiple times that he doesn't know and it's up to Max when to release it
  10. Where can I find the "Keep Service Enabled" option?
  11. One thing that I love about Poweramp is that when you have shuffle mode on and search for a song and select it, once the song ends, it goes to another random song. I've tried countless other music players and no other player does this. Max keep doing your thing!
  12. you can get a trial here http://www.audio-evolution.com/downloads/USBAudioPlayerPROTrial_4.2.4.apk
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