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  1. i listen whatever as it is and my device and my headphone, speaker or IEM it delivers. no bs effects and eq.
  2. lol. i just dont get it why people love to use FX or something enhancement like that. many musicians, mixers, audio engineers and mastering engineers already put all of their best works into an album or songs so that album/songs is the best in terms of sound quality. so why people like adding something like FX or enhancement? it ruins their hard works. is that only to perceived more or better sound quality than they do inside a studio? lol i prefer flat EQ and absolutely with no FX or audio enhancements or something that altering the original sound quality.
  3. Been using 790 for 4 days, the Hi-Res output is awesome with my Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL. This phone can do 24/44.1, 24/48, 24/96 and 24 bit/192 kHz output. To Max, can you make Poweramp Hi-Res output to automatically switch to the sample rate of the audio file that being played? So i dont have to manually switch the sampe rate to match my audio sample rate (44.1, 48 and 192 kHz). Thank you! ?
  4. Mine ZE520KL with Android 7.0 the Hi-Res is working well. Do you already update to Oreo?
  5. Walah indo gan? wkwkw. I just download and install the 790 over 704. No need to clear data and cache. And it works for me without any error. But the Audio Focus isn't working well as Max said that this 790 is only for preview. Not for daily usage. But i'll use 790 anyway. Haha.
  6. Thank you Max! Hi-Res output is perfectly working on my Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL with Android 7.0 version. One problem is the Audio Focus function. When a notification coming in, Poweramp just stopped outputting the audio but the play animation (waves thingy) just keep running. But i'm so glad that Poweramp can do Hi-Res Output on my phone right now. Thank you Max for your hard work. Cheers! NB: the only temporary solution is change your phone sound to vibrate only.
  7. ?Yay! Finally i can play Hi-Res Audio 24 bit/192 kHz on my ZE520KL using Poweramp HiRes Output? The AudioWizard tells it is legit Hi-Res Audio. Thx Max! ?
  8. u guys are sick just complains, complains, rants, angery, and complains. just be patient and heckin wait for god's sake! make your own apps! Max is working alone very hard and he almost have no friends or gf. he works hard 7/11 and 9/11. please be pateint please!
  9. Can this Poweramp play shutdown.wav on my C:/Windows/System32/Music/Instruments/Wav/Short/Jingles/Microsoft/Windows/System32/Music Collection/Windows 2000/ ??? Can i play .flac files inside .zip file so i dont need to extract .zip file just for playing .flac?
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