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  1. You wrote: > So Poweramp will try its best to guess the length of the audio content What is the reason "to guess" if it is possible to calculate? As EZ CD Audio Converter does...
  2. Hello, For some reason, the duration of the track is not determined correctly. Example (in appendix): Poweramp: 4:05 EZ CD Audio Converter: 4:29.374 Sincerely, Fedor Baev 03 Secret Forest.aac
  3. Thank you very much. When release of this new build is expected?
  4. Both files were produced by the EZ CD Audio Converter. Exactly the same conversion settings were used.
  5. How can you explain the fact that attached track is played flawlessly by the Poweramp? Track 01.aac
  6. Are you saying that Poweramp is unable to play such files by design? Are you the Poweramp developer to claim that?
  7. Still not clear what is the reason for the Poweramp to refuse playing the file while several other payers do not complain.
  8. As I wrote there is no issue playing the file on my PC - I'm using VLC. Please note that main problem is that Poweramp refused to play the file - i.e. does not even try...
  9. Version Info ====================== Build: Poweramp build-977-uni full verified cached Store: RuStore Arch: 64 Skin: ActivityTheme_White Device: HUAWEI STG-LX1 STG HWSTG-Q STG-L21 [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi] Installer: null Android: 12 HUAWEI/STG-L21/HWSTG-Q:12/HUAWEISTG-LX1/ ru_RU Hello! Attached AAC file cannot be played by the Poweramp. Message: "Failed to play file!" The same file can be played by default android and Huawei musical players. Also there is no issue playing this file on a PC. What is the issue cause? Track 09.aac
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