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  1. I don't use the pro button feature, so there's no on screen next/previous button right now. After enabling this option I found, next/previous bottons works by going to first and last songs as i expected. However still swiping on album cover won't play like that. They show No Next Catagory. I'm not only facing this with streams, also with music files in my phone. Please try reproducing the issue by, 1) Disable Pro Buttons. 2) Play first or last song from any playlist or music catagory from library. 3) Try go to first song or last song by using swipe action on album cover. (This action says No Next Catagory on my phone) I think the swipe action also does the same action to next/previous buttons. Here it's not working. Thanks for testing.
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply. I misunderstood the On Queue End option. What I'm trying to achieve is, I've 7 streaming URLs. While Playing 7th one, I can't goto 1 st URL by pressing next button or swiping on cover photo. The Repeat Catagory you suggested is helpful. I was able to play first song from last song (vice versa) with next button on the notification panel. However player screen still says No Next Catagory. I'm okay with current settings, but wish developer will take a look on it to improve the user experience.
  3. After playing the last song in any playlist/library list, Poweramp says list finished and player stops. • I expect it to play the first song after the last since shuffle is off. • Pressing next button also not work after completion of last track. Library - Queue - On Queue End -> Stay in Queue/Repeat Queue isn't working as expected. Is there any settings to get these two options?
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