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  1. This is likely what's happening on my end. I just tried changing the artist photo in the list without opening the specific artist first. Turns out that was my issue. I was able to change the artist photo and it didn't affect the song list or album art like you both said. It looks like I've just been changing album art and trying to do so without affecting the songs in the album, but of course we know that's not exactly how it is supposed to work. But thank you both for clearing this up. I see how I misunderstood the app a lot more. On the matter of changing the images to specifically what cover arts I want and whatnot, I found the folders mentioned before does work exactly how I was hoping when I drop the desired folder art in the folder. So I'll likely continue to use folders as a default for me. Thanks again!
  2. Okay this here is basically the part that's close to what's going on in the app. None of this works the way it's supposed to like you're telling me for some reason. I'm not saying you're lying or anything (you *definitely* know more about this than I do), but something must be wrong with it on my end. There's no three dots on my screen, however I can long press on a song like you said. No matter what menu I'm in (Player Screen, song list, album list, anything) changing the art on any individual song changes the artist photo (I know you said it shouldn't) within the artists list, it changes the image shown in the song list, and the image shown in the player. For 1 random song in each album, changing the song art and/or artist art not only changes the artist photo, image in the song list, and the image in the player, but it additionally changes the entire album art. The "no album art" issue I was previously describing is what happens when I remove the art from that particular song. The song that determines the art for the album. The album is choosing one song to demand the art of the album. I cannot change the album art, unless I go and change that song's art. If I change that song to have no art, the album art becomes blank. If I then choose album art in the album list section, nothing happens. If I change the song's image in the song list (OR change the artist's photo, it's all the same image for me. I haven't found any option for individual songs to have art if they have the same artist) the album follows suit. All of the other songs by different artists in these albums can have any image in the world, but if I change the image of any one song by that artist (the one the album for some reason has the exact same image of) the album art changes. Currently the only way for me to change album art is to find the one or so songs in each album that has the same art as the album and change the art via the song list. The album art button doesn't work in the album list. Sorry I'm really bad at explaining but Im hoping this clears it up? Also I'd like to note I have automatic downloads of art turned off. This I haven't tried before, and it's probably where my issue is stemming from. I have albums with various artists, but the "album artist" isn't labeled "various artists" so I may need to change it to that
  3. Okay I think I see what's going on with the artist photo then. Although, again sorry for this being so long, I cannot change album art at all still. Album view, hold click on album with no art, select image, choose a photo, and it's still blank. It's very odd but honestly I'm just going to work with folders and hope I can manually change those akin to how playlists work. Thanks again for the help
  4. Okay I was following until this part. Manual Artist photos show up everywhere for me. Specifically, all of my albums choose the artist photo of a particular song (seemingly a random song) and show that as the album art both in Album lists and on the player screen. Is something wrong on my end? Sorry to drag this convo on for so long. I've just been using this app for years but never understood how these images work at all. Pressing "album art" and it not actually changing the album art seems really odd
  5. Oh I see, I apologize I should've clarified that from the start. These aren't actual albums, but just how I categorize the songs. I figured Folders may be the only way to fully customize these how I want, but I wasn't sure given how album art is an option. As for the artist art vs Album art, The artist art was appearing for each individual song when I enter an album. This is what I wanted, however based on your description maybe this isn't supposed to happen? Also for clarification, I originally wanted the album art to be a manually selected art, and the songs in the album to have artist artwork (different from album art). OR just to have the album art be another artist in the album (in the linked image, Arcaea is the album art, but I keep trying to change it to the Muse Dash art instead) In the linked articles it mentions "some" song being chosen for album art? I would like to know how it's prioritized if at all possible. For example, if I embedded different album art into every single song, or embedded two different arts into each half of the album, which art would PA choose for the album art and how would I change the art it chooses? Either way I can instead use folders if it doesn't work with albums. I just wasn't sure if it was possible with albums. Thank you for helping me through it!
  6. I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding this or if I misrepresented my issue. Here I have how the Rhythm Game album looks. I cannot change this image without changing the image of a specific artist in the album. I then went ahead and changed every song in this album (even the ones with different track artist) to have the album artist "MYUKKE.". The album art is still the same and unable to be changed. The only way to change the album art is to go into "Artists" and change the artist's image (the artist of the specific song it is for some reason choosing to base it's art off of) to whatever I want the album to be. However I wish to keep the difference artist art as is but to either change the album art to another specific artist's image, or use a separate album art altogether. Also if this isn't possible; is there a way for me to somehow insert jpgs into the Android data folder for Poweramp to make them default images for specific albums? Or does this only work with artists in the selected_aa folder?
  7. I originally had the album artist blank for most all of my music. After setting it to the same value across an entire album I seem to still have the same issue. I'm not entirely sure what characteristics determines which song PA uses for album art. Also I'd like to note I tried changing the album art for the shared album artist as well, and it still does not change the album art shown in the albums list. I'd like to add that I also do not know what determines the artist name listed under the album name, as the artist "Tekken" is not the latest modified, latest added, nor first or last chronologically or alphabetically. And it also isn't the artist or album artist the album is it's album art from. I'd like to know if there is at least a way to change the song the album automatically bases it's album art off of.
  8. I've been having a similar issue and I needed to make an account here to ask for clarification on this issue. Is there any way to have selected album art and selected artists art under each album? Currently, I have multiple artists in each album, with their own unique art. However PA seems to choose a random artist in the album to make it's album art? I tried changing the album art but it doesn't change at all? Furthermore it sometimes changes the art of the artist when I try to manually change the album art, but still doesn't change the album art. For example, here it randomly decided to use Marvel vs Capcom art as the album cover, even when I keep selecting a Tekken album art? No matter what album art I select, it chooses it's album art based on the artist art of the specific song in the album titled "Player Select"
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