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  1. Hi, A while ago I asked to what degree Alexa can 'control' the functions of my Music Collection, which is stored on my Android phone, and is accessed by Poweramp. Although I have Alexa in my car, as of yet, the consensus seems to be that Alexa cannot control Poweramp, to the degree that it can control Spotify or any other MP3-playing apps that work with it, and Amazon. This is a disappointment, as Poweramp is readily available wirelessly in my car via Android Auto. Not despairing, I thought, let's use voice commands via Google, which normally works seamlessly with other functions in my car, a 2024 Mazda. But while I tried to use what I thought was the correct syntax, as far as Google commands are concerned, all I appeared to be able to achieve was move from one MP3 to the next, but not from one category to the next. Indeed asking Google to find a particular composer, artis, or piece of music simply seemed to get as far as the voice telling me that it was asking Poweramp to carry out the request, which appeared printed on the screen after I had said it, but none of the actual commands seemed to achieve anything, except, as mentioned above, moving from one track to the next, having once chosen the work (mine's a classical collection, where pieces are grouped into sets of MP3s, to accord with the movement design of the work. This seems to defeat the object of the exercise, because I have to manually select things, using my master control-knob, rather like I had with my BMWs. Of course, I understand that the issue may well be with Google, rather than Poweramp, which otherwise works perfectly, and I have tried to be impeccable with my tagging, using MP3tag. Any ideas/help would be gratefully received - thanks, in anticipation!
  2. Hi, apart from being consumed by using Poweramp to play my music selection in the house and in the car, I also have a significant number of Alexa Speakers in the house, and Alexa Echo Auto in my car, where the sound is relayed through my Bose sound system. I can 'ask' Google to do things in my car, as my phone is connected wirelessly via Android Auto, but I'd really like to get Alexa to do more with regards my Poweramp Music Selection. I would love to be able to say, specifically things like, 'Alexa, play Albanian Piano Music by Marsida Koni' or 'Alexa, play Field's Piano Concerto No 2 in A flat major' Equally it would be great to say, 'Alexa, play me Piano Quintets', or 'Works by Chopin'. I appreciate that this is really a question about Alexa, but I am still intrigued to know what automated processes Alexa is capable of, perhaps when I'm listening in bed at night, or driving along a motorway? Any help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks, in anticipation!
  3. I have got PA virtually as I want it, and am particular happy with the UI .But the widget screen below this seems not so attractive to me I was wondering whether there was a way to alter the shape/design/size just of the middle circular button alone? I think I set its colour, which is fine, but whether there's a square option, but one that won't spoil anything else on the page, as I'm otherwise happy with what I see.
  4. Thanks, Andre! Just what I needed to know! 🥱😴😴😴 Hopefully! Many thanks!
  5. Hi, I seem to be in a happy position now, having tweaked Poweramp back to what I wanted - and nearly had - when I upgraded my S22 to an S23, but stupidly didn't export/save the settings. With the aid of the excellent Playlist-Manager app, I can make random playlists to my heart's content! There is something, I'm sure, mind-blowingly simple to do one little extra things: Most of my insomnia is caused by not being able to put down my phone in bed! As an avid classical musician, I often can fall asleep while listening to the music on my phone, where the random 200 or so playlists provide more than enough material. But, is the a simple way to achieve the following: I might have a look around social media etc, then I'd like to put together a single playlist of chosen CDs I'd like to re-audition, especially some that I might only recently have acquired. I'd only want up to 5 CDs selected, and then keep the playlist, or discard it accordingly? Any suggestions gratefully received, as ever!
  6. Hi Andre, Just to thank you, in particular, for the information in your closing paragraph. I found this very helpful in aiming to achieve the best look for Poweramp on my phone, and in my car. Best wishes, PHilip
  7. Hi Andre, Many thanks as ever! I returned to the Android Ato options in Poweramp, and unchecked the Grid option. This put the library contents screens back how they are on my phone, which is fine - excuse the RH side panel being open - but then the contents display in a two-column grid, which I'd prefer from the title lists, which take longer to scroll through, among other things. Any further thoughts Best wishes, Philip
  8. After a lot of trial and error, and experimenting, I now think I have got the appearance of Poweramp how I want it on my phone. In doing this, I had cause to question whether I had tweaked something which then changed Poweramp's erstwhile appearance in my car, using wireless Android Auto! However, I was soon pleased to know that any changes were down the the app itself, and the way Google chooses to present it. It's not a major issue, even if personally I preferred the status quo. But a few additional things have changed, and I'd appreciate any advice as follows: it concerns the way lists are now presented and the general Library layouts.. I have taken a couple of pictures of my car screen to show this. The previous later was much neater, so I'm wondering: a) if this is how it is now, b) it can be customised, and, if so, c) where the adjustments need to be made, via Android Auto, or Poweramp? I think, for example, previously in the car, I could display lists, two items at a time, rather three, as shown below: Any ideas gratefully received! Many thanks!
  9. Hi Andre and Motley, Thank you both for your respective responses, and especially for reminding me about the facility to tap the top RH of the Widget screen, when the abundance of easily-applied and editable visual appearances become accessible. I'd used this in the past, but had completely forgotten about the facility. It's already looking much better, together with a change of 'theme' on the phone itself! Thanks, as ever! Wolksby
  10. Hi Andre, you previously mentioned that there isn't a lot of options when wishing to tweak my Widget screen closer to the Player UI, and in my example below, I'm limited only to the two lines of text, and the design/colour of the buttons. I like the buttons, but would perhaps like them slightly blue. I'd like to tweak the fonts etc of the two lines, perhaps with a little Bold here, or Italic ther Where, specifically would I be looking just to change these items, but without altering anything elsewhere in the app? Best wishes, Philip
  11. Thanks for confirming, Andre! Exactly, it's only visible on the multi-panel view, but reverts to normal on the full screen display. Now knowing about it, I'm happier to live with it, than I was when I first noticed it this morning, and thought, 'Oh no, have I done something to make this happen?'! Best wishes, Philip
  12. Andre, that is really helpful! Thank you so much for giving me a response that I understand, as well as confirming what each screenshot is, what it's called, and which settings control either one. Interestingly, while I was using Android Auto in my car earlier today, I noticed how the album art in some situations is spoilt by a colour shading, and something I hadn't noticed before. I have just read some posts here where other users have similarly commented on / complained about it, and while it's a Google issue, and not some failing on my part in terms of AA's internal settings, it's good to know that it's currently beyond our control, even if it might be considered as a retrograde step, from the purely visual aspect. Philip
  13. The view I have arrived at on my S23 homescreen from where I can fully open the app is, of course, different from the view I have created using one of the YAPS skins. I have had outstanding help and support from Theo Klink, and which is still currently ongoing. The view I have arrived at, using the YAPS skin is basically exactly what I want. The initial-viee screen (I'm not really quite au fair with the correct terminology) is more than fit for purpose, but I'd like any advice as to how to make it look more like the third-party skin, especially in terms of appearance of the transport buttons, and the font details of the two respective lines of text. I am afraid that if I tried to alter the appearance of one page, it would affect the other, especially in the two main concerns above, and I am happy with how the main page with the skin looks.looks I appreciate that my question involves both Poweramp as is, as well as a Third-party skin, albeit one that would seem to be custom-made for Poweramp, which makes me want to tread carefully. I now endeavour to save every minor change I make. I've attached two screenshots, hopefully to clarify what I'm seeking to ask, and look forward to some further sage advice from the Forum. Many thanks.
  14. Hi Andre, Thanks so much for clarifying and confirming this for me! And also, many thanks for coming back so promptly! If only we could expect, and get the same treatment, in other areas of our lives, there would be so much less unnecessary stress to deal with on an almost daily basis. Thanks again, Andre - and thank you, Poweramp, too!
  15. Hi, I love Poweramp, and currently have just one question about it. I have a Samsung S22 Ultra Phone, and use the app with just one skin from Yaps - V211 (Blue light skin) When I firstly view the app on my phone, this is a typical screenshot: As you can see, the Title of the track, and composer's name are quite large! However, when running, this is what I see: In the second screenshot, the text is proportionally smaller - plus, a blank line separates the two entries. Is there any way I can control this difference so that I can get better uniformity between them, but without compromising either one in the process. Apparently it's the default Poweramp look and feel, and hence a parameter not determind by the Third-party skin in use? Many thanks, in anticipation!
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