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  1. Many thanks, Andrew, So easy when you know how. During my nap I must have pressed a couple of strategic buttons to get as far as altering that setting! All best wishes, and many thanks for such a prompt response, as ever, Wolksby👍
  2. I'm probably not the only person who nods off with his mobile phone in his hand, and then finds, on awaking, that he's inadvertently press one of two buttons, which have annoyingly changed a setting in an app. This has happened to me with Poweramp. I have attached a screenshot of the unwanted change. Before, as the music played through, I could see its progresh shown as a straight line, with larger blocks showing louder dynamis - looking something like a cog system for a mountain railway! That has now changed into a much larger representation of the same thing, but which te
  3. Hi, just to let you know I think I've solved my problem! Reading some related posts, and the very helpful comments and advice offered, because I don't use the 'Album Artist' field, I didn't have it displayed. When I did, I saw that the first three tracks, that had formed a @CD' on their own, had entries in the Album Artist field for each track, whereas, the other 6 tracks were blank. I deleted the Album Artis text from the three that had it, and the CD is now back, displayed as a single nine-track CD, which I had complied from various different sources. I shall know in fu
  4. I regularly make MP3s out of CDs to play in my car, and around the house. In 99%, it's simply ripping the tracks from the CDs. then using MP3 Edit to tidy up the tags, adding the cover etc. These play on Poweramp exactly as intended. Sometimes I compile my own CDs from purchased downloads, or YouTube etc, so I have want I want on the compilation. Again, irrespective of the original source, once assembled and edited via MP3 Edit, the compilation still plays in perfectly the correct order. Just occasionally, something odd happens, and the tracks don't play in the correct order. H
  5. Hi, I have got my Music Collection arranged as follows, using Poweramp: The CDs can be seen / heard in their original Albums I can see / hear them grouped by their composers I can see / hear them grouped in genres - I base this on both instruments, and ensembles, so I can listen to all my Piano Trios - or works where a bassoon is involved. I also group them into their respective label, so, for example, I can play all my CDs on the Hyperion, or cpo labels, for example - there are, in fact very few examples where a 'playlist' then might consist of just one or two en
  6. Approved Members When in my car, I rely on Android Auto, which is connected to my compatible head unit, and where PA is shown as being one of the suitable/accepted apps for AA, controlling it manually with my car hand 'commander' it does everything I ask when driving, and in a way that does not detract from any safety aspect. But I know that I can use Google Assistant to operate my phone, and thus Poweramp, which makes things safer still. Yesterday, for example, I asked it to play Beethoven Piano Concerto No 1, first movement, to which
  7. Hi, everything is working well within the app, and now I think it's perfectly set up to my needs, given that mine is a classical collection, where certain things which might not be addressed on some of the other players out there, are built into Poweramp, especailly have solved the composers' names issue. But I have a question about using the app in situ. When in my car, I rely on Android Auto, which is connected to my compatible head unit, and where Poweramp is shown as being one of the suitable/accepted apps for AA. Controlling it manually with my 'commander', it does everything I
  8. Hi, I just wanted to say I have now achieved exactly what I wanted to do, in terms of the presentation of my Classical Music Selection, on my mobile phone, as well as when in my car via Android Auto! It just goes to show what a flexible piece of kit Poweramp is, and how, in my case, using it together with my MP3TAG, has caused me to get the old grey matter going, but something that becomes increasingly more important as we get older. My sincerest thank to all who have so freely and generously helped me along the way to be more than happy with what I've achieved.. Thank you
  9. Hi Guys, It all sounds so simple, but with regards either of your last two replies, I can seem to find where 'Generate a new tag' resides, or simply how to 'create a tag with any name I like'? It feels like I have an idea of what to do once inside the house, but unfortunately, I can;t find the door key! I'm sure I'm staring the answer right in the face!
  10. Hi Andre, Many thanks for your further input - somewhere else has also pointed me in the direction you're going. I wouldn't want to edit the Artist tag, although I'm not too bothered by any future facility to be able to include, say, the pianist, and then the orchestra. [Alabiev, Alexander] Piano Trio in E flat - I Allegro Some of my CDs will contain only music by one composer, but probably the majority will have a number of different contributors. It's a personal thing, but aesthetically I would slightly prefer it if the Title were reversed? Piano Trio in E flat - 1
  11. Hi MotleyG, Many thanks for your advice. This is what I have done as a temporary measure on the wone single CD which I was using as an example above. Manually, I appended the composers' names to each of the individual track titles, just to see what this would look like on my phone, and via Android Auto, and I have to say I am very pleased with the outcome Here again is the first track with the tags as above: Filename Title Artist Album
  12. Hi Andre, Many thanks for such a prompt reply, which, in fact, did confirm my own thoughts. I certainly do recall thinking about this before, and did, I'm sure, come across the same Feature Request which you kindly mention. As you say, that would seem to be exactly what I'm after. Meanwhile, I was very interested to read of your work-arounds. I tried using the filename instead, but, and as you mentioned, because I had thought to include the composer's name, this made no noticeable difference. The other options, especially the one involving a batch process in MP3TAG, appeale
  13. Hi, I've used Poweramp from the outset, because it seems the most appropriate programme for playing a CLASSICAL MUSIC collection on my mobile phone etc, and particularly because it is compatible with Android Auto - big plus in my eyes. When I originally went for the full version of Poweramp, one of the words mentioned - Composer - attracted me most. So many similar apps assume that you have a non-classical collection, and don't cater for the specific way Classical collections are assembled. Here's my question - and it actually involves the 'Composer' issue. Firstly I use mp
  14. Hi I'm new to the forum. Mine is a very simple question. I have a classical music selection for which Poweramp is great. I use the Genre feature, but want also to add a few Playlists. I can see how to add albums to a playlist, but can't see how then to call that Playlist Playlist A, and then start a second Playlist, say Playlist B, and so on. The fact that it says Playlists implies that you must be able to have at least two separate ones, I just need help in setting this up. Many thanks, in anticipation.
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